"Joelle is a dynamic, entertaining and authentic presenter with a message that will change your life!"   



Coach Joelle Prochera is a professional certified life and business coach, writer, and inspirational speaker.  Over the past 8 years, she has assisted thousands of people transform their personal and business dreams to their reality.

Joelle brings experience, energy, exceptional skills, deep compassion, and shameless optimism to every engagement.  She guides her audiences by harnessing their own creative personal power, so they may reap the rewards of a life lived on purpose.

Prior to becoming a professional coach, Joelle spent a decade selling and managing within an international company, both in Canada and the US.  Using the insights and tools that professional coaching provided, Joelle was able to find passion in her work and build a team that exceeded its financial targets.  She also designed and delivered a one-of-a-kind service in her organization, becoming the only branch in North America to provide executive coaching to client businesses.  Upon leaving the corporate world, Joelle’s branch was the fourth ranked of hundreds, and she was acknowledged as a "powerful leader of people, full of integrity… [having a] profound and lasting impact on [the organization]."

People who attend Joelle’s events rave that “Joelle is a dynamic, entertaining and authentic presenter with a message that will change your life!”

Using sharing, introspection, stories and humor, expect to be engaged, entertained and inspired!


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Wow! Fabulous!Outstanding! Significant!

These are just a few of the words that could be used to describe the coaching services of Joelle Prochera.

…Joelle came into the organization and facilitated three in-service staff training sessions … Each session was individually tailored to meet the meets of the staff and to accomplish the overall goal of achieving teamwork and commitment. … She made the sessions experiential, involving the body and mind. Her ability to embody her message in the bodies, as well as the heart of the staff, was nothing short of masterful.

Get ready for results when you commit to using Joelle as a Coach.

KC Miller Founder/Owner Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts 

"As the Managing Director of National Association of Recruiters I looked to our members to offer names of speakers they heard as potential speakers for our national conference and that’s how I came across Coach Joelle.

The night before Coach Joelle spoke, our members had a busy afternoon and evening: they golfed, they attended a Vendor EXPO, they participated in a social hour, they ate, they listened to a Key Note Speaker, and they partied some more. The they got up for 6:30 AM Breakfast following the morning Key Note Speaker, that being Coach Joelle.

I would have thought that Coach Joelle might have been in a state of shock as she looked out in to the audience and saw the seas of bloodshot eyes.  Maybe she did, but we will never know because from the moment she began her inspirational and insightful presentation to her closing remarks, she had everyone one in the room listening and responding to her every word.

Thanks to Coach Joelle who single handedly regenerated our members and enabled them to make it through the day.

In case you think I am verbose, I will make it simple, if you need an Excellent Motivational Speaker, you won’t go wrong with Coach Joelle"

Robert L. "Bob" Rystrom, Managing Director The Us Recruiting Network

"… Your coaching topic of " Taking Charge" was exactly what was needed. Our team not only found ways to have " Fun" in the workplace, but also in addition, were left with strategies and tools that we were all able to implement professionally and personally.   My excitement today, is that I am still hearing comments on how wonderful the meeting was and how members of our team have been impacted by your coaching and follow up calls. Teammates are feeling and being much more successful because of it."

Julie Valle, Corporate Sales & Marketing Manager


"(Joelle) was very dynamic and engaging, fun yet professional, from the first words spoken. She was genuine and very present with us, interacting and playing with us, not merely speaking to us. She expertly weaved physical, mental, and emotional dynamics into the session, using movement and music, posing powerful questions, and presenting inspiring models and examples. These varied techniques created not only an immediate shift in the group, but also gave us tools to take away and use later …. "

Operations Manager/Registrar New Samaritan High School


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