Spa Time Improvising!

It’s Saturday Am,


My husband Jeff and I just came back from a trip to the Shaker Square Farmer’s market (what a delightful find!) and a run along Shaker Lakes (a little piece of heaven in our back yard!). Time for a shower and then on with the day… but I notice that I have a sudden hankering for a massage and a trip to the spa so I start calling around. 


“No availability”…. “No, were sorry”…. “No but we can get you in Tuesday”…bummer, options exhausted.


Then just when I am about to sulk, I stop and realize, hey wait a minute, I have everything I need right here to bliss out and have a totally divine Saturday. 


I set up the cd player and started up the Zen Chill music.  Light the candles, pull out the spa robe, fuzzy slippers, and the “good towels”.  I close the door, put on a mud mask ( a.k.a. doing my Shrek impression) and begin the experience.


At some point my husband pokes his head in and says…”if anyone calls, should I say you are at the spa?”


I laugh and said “yes, that would be perfect”!


About 15 minutes later my husband enters again while I am in the shower.   He says “ the spa director asked me to bring in this complimentary Mexican Coffee (add brown sugar and cinnamon) .  It is by the sink mamn. Enjoy.” 


I LOVE it when he plays with me!! How perfect!


Finished up with my coffee, robe and slipper, a book, cat cuddles, and a nap.  Perfection. It just goes to show that if you look around, you probably have just about everything you need.  Really.


May all your Spa dreams come true.



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