Slippin’ Day 4 and 5

Well, as I look back at day 4 and 5 of my official “body of a dancer” blogging.  I have some insights.


One thing I notice is that I seem to feel good, get on top of things and then go, “hmmm, things are going so well, I can slip a little.”  Next thing you know I have had ice cream 2 days in a row and I neglected my daily 30 minutes of activity. I can see that if I were not recording this, I would slide into my comfort zone, totally give up and start over later.  Thank goodness I am living in a greater commitment than that during this exercise.


Another thing I noticed which you will likely notice when you see my food consumption – is that I tend to get off track when I do not have the appropriate food at home. When I am running low on food, what I tend to do is eat less, I am less enthralled by what is available and then if I go out to eat in the evening I will go overboard.  A great realization and just one more excuse for a day trip to Whole Foods! ?


So, here is the scoop.


Day 4 Friday


Exercise: None – out of commitment



Leftover cauliflower and chicken in curry (1 ounce chicken)


Salad with tomato and salsa

1 cup organic chicken noodle soup (not much there at all)

1 rye crisp cracker (all gone – would normally have 3 or 4)

1 piece turkey bacon ( again a function of nothing to eat in the house)

¼ cup fresh fruit various

Roast beef sandwich with lettuce tomato, mustard on pumpernickel

Two drinks (whisky and diet coke)

Split ice cream with Jeff


Comments: General lack of enjoyment with my food and then I made up for it with drinks and ice cream after.  Ample fruit but in general not as life giving or sustaining as what I would like.


Day 5 Saturday


Exercise: None – out of commitment


1 egg,

1 piece whole wheat toast

2 pieces turkey bacon

½ tomato sliced

1 ounce buffalo mozzarella

Leftover chicken and cauliflower ( 1 ounce chicken )

Glass of red wine (terrible idea – had a nap after and work up miserable)

½ large pink grapefruit

1 piece white bread (see – that is what you get for going hungry!)

½ piece appetizer pizza (more of the same)

½ side salad, dressing on side

2 oz steak 1.5 shrimp on skewer

Asparagus and spinach

3 Hershey kisses 6 dinner mints (chocolate kind)

Everyone out for ice cream – 1 one scoop of coffee ice cream.


Comments: More from the day before magnified. Not feeling as radiant and fabulous as I was earlier in the week.


Recommit  – 100% on eating plan  –  30 minutes of activity every day


So here it is Sunday and I am back on board. Going skating this afternoon with my nieces and nephews and my darling husband. Heading to the grocery store this afternoon. All is well.


To our health!



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