Results of The Cleanse

I want to thank so many of you for asking how my cleanse was going and being a part of my process.  For those of you who are hearing of this for the first time you can read more of my adventures in green sludge by clicking here.


The essence of what happened for me over the 21 days is that I was vegan for a week and then ate only raw fruits and vegetables and nuts for two weeks along with appropriate supplements and it was no big deal.  In the past I really wondered about people who had this type of lifestyle.  I did not understand how they could live without meat or why they would want to.  Coming out the other side I have many new awareness and insights about my body and my overall health.


1) I love the green sludge!  Part of the cleanse regiment was a shake made of “vitamineral green” (every type of green food known to man dehydrated and put in a powder form), lecithin powder (a soy powder that helps metabolize fat), flax seed oil, a banana, water and ice blended.  I enjoy it so much and appreciate the way it makes me feel that I have chosen to keep it as my first meal of the day.


2) I love the other green sludge! Part of the cleanse was to have fresh squeezed vegetable juice daily.  Lucky for me I have a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant around the corner called Aladins and they juice!  When I need a snack I now head over for my $2.50 cucumber, spinach, parsley and carrot juice – heavy on the greens.  I completely love the taste and the clean feeling I get.


3) I can get by with WAY less animal protein!  After 3 weeks with no animal protein, no fish, no cheese, no nothing, I found out that I can live quite peacefully without it.  I never got the whole “rice and beans” thing and how people can live off of that, but now I know a little hummus with bread or rice and beans in a corn tortilla with some veggies is a perfectly acceptable meal!


4) Whole foods rocks!  Not the first time I realized this but the cleanse took me to a whole new levels of awareness.  Now I go to whole foods to pick up things like Almond milk, young cocoanut juice, raw cacao beans and Ezekiel sprouted grain bread as part of the new healthy me!


5) Eating enough organic fruits and vegetables is a full time job.  Part of the education I received on the cleanse was information around enzymes used to breakdown food, how stuff gets in the way of our body absorbing nutrients through the intestines, and the poor nutritional quality of food comparative to 100 years ago.  All of this points to one thing for me; the food guide says 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and most people don’t come close. Eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day is a conscious choice I am making for my life and my health.


6) All this good stuff is getting me ready for baby.  I won’t go into the details but a few months ago I was suddenly hit with the idea that Jeff and I will be conceiving in February.  Weird wild stuff since this time last year all I could say was, “slow down partner!  I am no where near ready!” Next thing I know I get this FEELING and now it has become a fact, February 18th, right after our anniversary and our two week Caribbean cruise, we are going for it! The point is that while I take on this new level of health for myself, there is no doubt that it could not come at a better time, both for creating a body that breezes through pregnancy and for creating an environment that gives our little one a healthy perspective from day 1.


7) I love routine.  When I share what I took on for the cleanse so many people say they could never do it.  I honestly found it easy, I was never hungry or uncomfortable and I was even able to stay 100% on the program on a trip to Atlantic City to the bar and nightclub conference where the whole show was focused on eating and drinking. As long as I had my plan there was no battle, no hemming and hawing, there was just working the plan.  As a result I have created a new regiment for my regular life that gives me a similar structure for living in alignment with the life, health and body I want.


If any of you are interested in taking on this adventure yourself I highly recommend having a professional there to guide you.  The wonderful woman I had by my side is Janee Kuta-lliano at  She is a raw food guru and a wonderful role model and I plan on cleansing with her again in the spring. Thank you for sharing the adventure! 


I welcome questions or comments and hope this brings you one step closer to vibrancy and happiness in all you do.






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