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We have all been there. We set out with good intentions and big dreams. We set our goals with enthusiasm and anticipation for the awesome life change we are going to make, only to realize a few weeks or months in that the ambitious, super-exciting ideas we had now seem too fantastical, unrealistic, annoying or just plain depressing.


That’s the thing about goals and dreams. Unless you keep them close, visit them often, execute on a plan, and talk about them regularly, you may just find yourself months or even years into the future stunned by the realization that life didn’t turn out as you planned and that you are right back where you started, or even worse.


If you are feeling anything less than sparkly when it comes to those ambitions, goals and visions of the future, do not fear. I have a little process that can take you from listless to totally ready to rock in about 30 minutes flat.


So grab your goals, get your pen warmed up and reconnect to building your future, right now.





Quarterly Goals Review


Give yourself 30 minutes to re-connect to your commitments, gain valuable insight and take action towards your goals.



Reality Check:


List your goals.


Record your current performance to goal.


Record the gap between where you are and where you intended to be by this time.


ie. Goal: $200,000/yr in sales. Actual: $100,000 in 3 months. $50,000 ahead


ie. Goal: weigh 140, feeling hot and healthy. Actual: Weigh 150. Lost 2 lbs in 3 months, have not yet developed the healthy habits to feel good every day and continue and sustain weight loss. 



What’s Working:


What are the successes you have experienced in the past 3 months – about your top goals and anything else you find significant?


What has worked/is working?



What’s not working:


Where did things not work?


Where/what situations or at what time did you find yourself falling down or moving in the wrong direction?



When you were connected to your goals and rocking it:


When did you feel really connected to your goal? What were you doing? What was happening in your life?


When were you feeling really disconnected to your goal? What were you doing? What was happening in your life?



Check in:


Are these still the right goals?


Why? Why not?



What you have learned and how you take that learning forward:


Based on your answers above – what are the things you already know work that you can put in place to support you in your goals?



Identify and manage for obstacles:


What are the potential obstacles or pitfalls that may come up in the future?


How can you manage for these pit falls through systems, process, plan, structure or rituals?


Note on rituals: The ritual of brushing our teeth morning and evening (or after meals) makes tooth hygiene a no-brainer. Do you need a daily green juice ritual or a show love to your spouse daily ritual or a weekly sales blitz ritual?


Note on planning to win: Remember we all like to feel like we are winning and moving forward. Is there a way you can track and celebrate baby steps?  Baby steps are all it takes to get anywhere you want to get and be anything you want to be.



Check your beliefs:


What old beliefs/fears would you like to remove to support future success?


What new belief would best support success?



Use Your Resources:


What (support/accountability/resources) could you ask for/seek out to ensure your success?



Get in action:


What action are you willing to commit to in support of your goals?



Nice Work! Now, using the insights gained through this exercise create your new execution plan, create the rituals, establish the new beliefs and reach out to get the needed support and accountability to have a breakthrough in achieving your goals!


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 How are you feeling? I am betting that right now you are reconnected to your goals, feeling empowered and seeing the action you can take to move your life forward (just a guess :-))


We would love to hear about any new clarity you have gained or the new action you are ready to take so do not hesitate to comment below.


Power and dreams coming true to you!





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