Project “Body of a Dancer” Week 2

Hello everyone! Here is the latest on my body project!  Well, I have to say that I am feeling on a roll (not like a roll – this is good news). The food component is almost immaculate (I said almost) and I am definitely following through on my commitment to be in my body 30 minutes a day. 


I am loving my “Dancer’s Body” work out DVD.  It is exactly what I was looking for and I tell you, when exercise is fun then you are 90% there.  To tell you the truth I am having so much fun that there is little I would rather do than learn the latest dance moves and groove along to the music!  


The weather helps too – Sunday morning 8 am my husband and I were up for a Wog around the neighborhood (he runs, I wog walk/jog).  Being outside is motivation enough for me to get out and get moving.  Finally, Pilates is totally working for me. It is a 5 minute walk to the studio, I LOVE my instructor and it is all about creating a dancer’s body so it totally fits into my plan.  All in all, I am on track, feeling great in my body and anticipating what I am creating.


With all that being said I have some tips for any of you who are on your own body quest.


1) Create a fun context! What I mean by this is find a reason to take care of your body that really inspires you. For me creating the body of a dancer is way more fun than living in the idea of “having to lose weight” or that “I should exercise more”. 


Invitation: Look at your world and what you like and what inspires you and see if there is a powerful context to create your own body adventure around.


2) Make a plan! By having a plan you have a clear road map that shows you how to get from here to there.  By having the plan you are not wandering aimlessly hoping that eventually you will somehow find your way.  For me, the plan looks like a specific way and amount that I eat as well as 30 minutes a day in activity. 


Invitation: If you were to create a plan to get you from here to there what would your plan look like?  Write it down and if you dare…. do it!


3) Get some accountability! This is huge!  By committing to record what I am up to on this blog I am holding myself accountable and I am enrolling you in supporting me. I can tell you, it is one thing to slack off and know that I am slacking off and it is an entirely other thing to slack off and then get to tell you about it.  Some time in the next few months I need to produce my body of a dancer pictures  – there is no way this conversation is just going to disappear into the mist- I am going all the way because you are there on the path with me.


Invitation:  Why don’t you invite some of the people in your life to hold you accountable to what you are up to.  Who knows, you might even inspire someone to join you on the path.  


4) Make it easy and have fun! By having a Pilates studio across the street and creating my own dance studio at home (a la the “Dancer’s body” workout DVD) It is easy for me to get in my 30 minutes a day. By doing activity I enjoy instead of dreading my workouts, I am excited to do my 30 minutes.  In addition I have been playing with my food to find some wonderful ways for me to eat what I said and have fun with my food (I have found out that low fat plain yogurt, pure cocoa and stevia makes one heck of a chocolate mouse!)


Invitation: Look at what you are committed to and ask yourself how you could make the process easy and fun.  If at first you do not see how then run it by some people, play with it, there is an easy way – there is a fun way – you just have to be willing to see it. Enjoy your process my friends. I sure am enjoying mine! I invite you to take this moment to make a new commitment to yourself and your life.  Declare your commitment in this blog and let’s get started!!






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