Perfect Thursday!

Hi all!


Due to an absolutely delightful turn of circumstance my Thursday 4:00 commitment was removed.  This means a totally FREEEEEEEE Thursday in preparation for my Friday off.  He he! 


Free, that is until I head to the Ladies Who Launch meeting tonight at the Cleveland Wine School – rough life, I know. I started the day with a leisurely shower and my green shake which for some reason for the last two days has left me totally high, talking to the cats and singing.  WOO HOO!


In the shower I was clear that today I would be doing things that needed internet access so I headed out to Phoenix Coffee instead of the customary Starbucks around the corner.  I plugged the meter for 5 hours, anticipating a delightful day of writing and creating. I have my coconut white tea, a totally comfy couch, an outlet for my computer and phone and free internet access.  I can smell the tasty food they are making at the counter and am totally excited for the green sludge shake to wear off so I can choose a fabulous lunch.


I am browsing images in Istock Photo for images of delighted, connected business women for materials I am creating for the GirlPower Mastermind group launching in January.  My I-pod delivers all the songs I love and I have this sense of community and adventure as people come and go around me.


Who knows, perhaps I will have some new opportunity show up from this new place to create.  I am very much ready to sing. I think this would be a perfect place to be found by a guitarist or a band looking for a singer. Hmmm.


We will see.





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