Old Shoes, Cat Hair and those pesky Life Limiters

Hi gang!


Fun times are at hand!


I have been successfully living my beautiful  new life schedule and the Make Your Life Program participants are nothing less than inspiring! 


What a group! Within the first week people were dumping boyfriends, quitting jobs, buying plane tickets and moving accross the country!  It almost makes a coach wonder if she needs to step it up a little!  But then I remember that at this time, I am not creating My "ADVENTUROUS" Life or My "MOVE OUT OF CLEVELAND" Life, I am making My PEACEFUL, PROSPEROUS Life ,so for now, to have my husband and I marching off to bed at 9pm for an hour of reading (or a happy pre-bed soak in the tub ahhhh) or participating in my new morning rituals of meditating and writing and then taking that precious 1/2 hour before the day starts to clean up a little and get my desk strait, has been exactly what a peaceful prosperous life would call for!


Along with my zen schedule, another piece life-making that I have been embracing is a little something I like to call the Life Limiter’s List. This is a list of that stuff that nags at you and drags you down, those piles that need straitening and that return item that you have been driving around with since spring time.


I am very pleased to say that I have been systematically taking my Limiters off the list and it is a breath of fresh fresh air.  I have included some of my greatest limiters and accomplishments to give you a taste for what is Life Limiter list-worthy:

1) Brought 7 pairs of shoes in to be repaired –
SUCCESS! (I moved the shoes to my car during the last program but this time I actually found the address and brought them to the shop!!! Now, I just have to stay committed so I actually pick them up ;-))

2) Learn more about my investments ( This one is still on the list but I am excited to take it on.  I have been investing since I was a wee Canadian lass but since my dad taught me well I know that I won’t be touching my money for another 25- 30 years, and so, to this point I have been pretty much taking my monthly reports and filing them without a first or second glance. I figure it is time that I at least know what my money is contributing to.)


3) Proliferation of cat hair (Due to the recent departure of our dear  Bandito we are down to three cats but I am still on the hunt for some kind of miracle brush so I do not feel like a walking lint ball!)


4) Moths – yep – I got moths and I am ready to end their reign of terror. (hmmm, I may not be painting a very pretty picture here – hair and months! Oh well, I guess when we get down to the nitty gritty, it is not always that pretty)

5) Kitchen cupboards repainted!! SUCCESS –   I am pleased to say I got in a mood two Sundays ago and painted my cupboards! And while I was at it, I painted the front door as well (note to self: just because it looks like the door is the same color paint as the cupboards at 10 pm does not mean it will look like the same color at 10 am – opps. That is what I get for being a little overzelouos) . It was delightful to get this done.  I feel accomplished and I even spent an hour of my project, painting while checking in and hanging with my mom in Canada over the phone.


6) Ebay stuff – I have a bunch of stuff, that I keep thinking I could sell on ebay, but it keeps sitting on my counter looking at me. Time to send this stuff out to the world and find it a new home!


This should give you the gist of what the Life Limiter’s List looks like. For some it means taking out the figurative garbage (removing harmful relationships and arduous committments) while for others the list includes quite literally, taking out the garbage!


If you have something in particular that you would like to put on your list so that you can put a GREAT BIG CHECK MARK next to it, go ahead and share it with us. I would love to hear about what you are cleaning, organizing, moving or removing as you are making your life!


With Love,



P.S. more to come about my adventures as a moth mercenary coming soon!


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