Oh where oh where has she been?

Hello!  If I seem to be missing on the blogging scene it is because I have been out living adventures a little more than I have been home writing about them. Some of you were with me when I hit a rough patch last week.  I have been on a personal quest the last 6 months that has been a truly miraculous journey and then about a month ago I got lost. 


Not “totally deep in the forest no chance of return” lost.

Just sorta, “ok, so I am here, and I want to be there, but I keep being here, and I know I will at some point get there but can we hurry it up already” kind of lost.


As an aside – this has been a major development in my life that I am actually ok with being lost from time to time. In fact, I would say lost is kind of a misnomer. It may feel “lost” but those quiet, unclear times are all part of the journey.  I am very grateful that I am able to be with those times with much more ease these days instead of making them “a problem” or a sign of certain doom.


This weekend I found my way out and what a delight to be my livloud self again! It is so funny but I saw an immediate response from people around me.  That is what happens when your light shines everyone notices and that is SO MUCH FUN!! More than others noticing, it feels like freedom.


I have been so jazzed by life that Saturday I did not sleep.  I have never done that before and I am completely astonished how not only did I not sleep all night  but I went to bed the Sunday night at 10:30 and did not even take a nap in between.  How fascinating!!


Imagine if I could pick one night a week where I got to play all night creating, paining, writing, with no physical or emotional repercussions to not sleeping.  Now that is something to look into! Anyway. I have so much to share but it will have to wait. I just wanted to end my radio silence, let you know I am feeling amazing and very excited about life and to say hi! My wish for you is that you are experiencing the joy of life and celebrating this lovely spring day.


Hugs to you!



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