Oh Where Oh Where Can it Be?

womanondeck.jpg  It’s Tuesday morning 6:00 AM.  Freshly showered I am in my robe and wrapped in a blanket on our second floor patio.  The wind rustles gently through the leaves and I can see the glow of the sun rising to the east.  Coffee in hand and my laptop sharing a spot with a purring Lucky the cat, it is the perfect start to my day. I am a person who has thought a lot about quality of life, about how to get the most out of my moments.  One thing I have been clear on for some time is that THIS is how I choose to spend my mornings, everyday, all year round. 


If you are unfamiliar with my path to this point, after 27 years in northern Canada, I moved to Arizona for 7 years before my most recent adventure to Ohio to be with my fabulous husband. When I moved, I moved with a two year plan.  The two year plan was that we find a “how” and a “where” for our next destination – a home in the sun and the warmth and the trees. Sigh.


It is so interesting for me because I can describe it to a tee.  I will know it when I see it, the deck in the trees, the wide expanses of windows, the friendly neighborhood with more trees than it has grass to mow, more like a cabin at the lake than a home in suburbs.  I will know it when I see it and the countdown has begun.  I can actually feel the momentum as I move into the spring and summer which marks the end of my last winter in Cleveland.


I do not know exactly where this new place is, nor am I clear how it will happen, I only know, it is time to begin the search and I know when it is complete, I will be home. Do you know this place I am speaking of?  Warm, sunny, green, with community? Is it wine country? Ashville? Austin? If you have any thoughts on this I invite you to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.


In the meantime, Lucky and I will enjoy warming in the sun as we ease into the gentle embrace of the coming summer.






  1. J.P. you wrote that piece on May 22, i’am a little behind, but that place is where ever you make, you are such an amazing person Joelle, i’am so very proud of you joelle. I will send you more @ joelle@ clevelandwoman.com.
    hope you get it, love you davey jones.

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