No More Broken New Years Resolutions!


Welcome to the New Year!

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. A time full of promise, new adventures, and new hope.  We have all been here before and unfortunately, for many, being here looks an awful lot like last January. 

Raise your hand if at least one of your  New Year’s resolutions is a leftover from last year.  Mmmmmhm. For those of you with your hands up, you are in good company.  New Year’s resolutions have become virtually synonymous with “really good intentions that will almost certainly be forgotten by the end of the month.”

So, here’s the magic question…

What is going to make this year different? 

No really, why should this year’s promises have any more staying power than last year’s or the year before?

If you would like to have resolutions that stick, and you want to make 2008 an uncommon year, then I have a special invitation for you to consider.


• What if this year you took all the stuff you know about diet, exercise, positive thinking, empowerment, time management, goal setting etc. etc. etc. AND STARTED USING IT!?

• What if this year you took on your life with an uncommon commitment to being true to yourself?

• What if this year you chose to live in integrity?


When I use the word “integrity”, I am not speaking of morality. In this instance integrity is to live in alignment with your truth.   To speak, act and think in a way that represents the person you choose to be.

Let’s face it, to live the life you have imagined, chances are…

You don’t need another diet book.  Calories in, calories out, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, reduce fat and sugar. You know this!

You don’t need to take another seminar on how to be successful or develop self esteem or find peace.  You’ve been there!

You just need to do what you already know how to do, no excuses, no debate, no wondering questioning or doubting. Just do it!

So in 2008 instead of living on auto pilot…

Instead of continuing the cycle of…

Try a little…. then give up.
  Start over next year.

What if instead you…..

Choose what you already know to do. 
Choose your life in every moment.

What if you made 2008 an uncommon New Year?!

How to begin living your uncommon life.

Living an uncommon life can start with simple choices that come up in everyday situations. 

• It might be something as simple as putting the dish into the dishwasher instead of leaving it on the counter, or picking up the cat vomit the first time you see it instead of waiting until you step in it (yep, learned that one the hard way!) 

• It could be choosing the salad and skipping the chocolate cake. 

• It could mean noticing you are speaking harshly to a loved one, stopping, apologizing and then speaking in a way that honors your relationship and the person you choose to be.

• It could be noticing that you want to create something new in your life. Making a plan, and then, … just following the plan. Nothing more, nothing less.

So if you want to know how to make this year’s resolutions stick, here are three simple questions to set you on the path to an uncommon New Year and a life lived in integrity.

When faced with the inevitable challenges and choices on the path to your ideal weight, quitting smoking or becoming the person you want to be, simply ask yourself:

1) What choice honors who I am?

2) What choice is in alignment with the commitments I have made to myself?

3) What action, word or thought would be representative of the person I choose to be?

And then …. act, speak or think accordingly.


The invitation:
Choose right now to make an uncommon commitment to being the real you.  Choose to live your life in integrity with your highest ideals.  Join me in this uncommon commitment to living the life you have imagined in 2008!

To smoke or not to smoke…

To sulk or not to sulk…

To chocolate cake or not to chocolate cake…


You know your answer.  The only question is, will you choose your actions with integrity or will you allow yourself to slip into the average, the everyday, the way it has always been, all geared up to start the cycle of unfulfilled promises again this time next year.


You, my friend, are a powerful “life maker”.  It is time to own that power.

The choice is yours.  Each and every one.

Choose your life.

Peace and freedom await!



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