New Developments at Coach Joelle Inc.

joelle032.jpg  Hi guys!  It has been a really exciting time at Coach Joelle Inc. and I wanted to share a couple of the latest developments with you. One of the coolest things I want to share with you is about the first installment of what my friend Kristen is calling “The Coach Joelle Club” 🙂 but I like to call the GirlPower Mastermind! 


A couple Friday’s ago I brought together some of my favorite women in service of our businesses and it was one incredible Morning! I am so clear at this point in time, that with all I am out to create I need to reach out beyond myself. I am clear that for my contribution to be it’s biggest and best I need to bring in the insight, critique and expertise of other subject matter experts, hence the creation of the Cleveland Mastermind.


I distinguish this group as the Cleveland Mastermind because it is not to be confused with the amazing women I have in my Arizona Mastermind. You may remember Tonetta Weaver – future academy award winning actress, from a previous Livloud Profile. Well, she and Joan Jakel Business Attourney and enlighten superwoman extraordinaire and I have been meeting for years and continue meeting weekly via teleconference.  These woman have been my rock, my path to enlightenment, and the mirror I need to remind me who I am and what I am capable of.  (I love you girls!)


One morning 2 months ago I woke up and got very clear that I needed to create this kind of synergy and power here in my Ohio world and hence the Cleveland Mastermind was born. Participants in our very first meeting included Leslie Carruthers, the search engine guru and Kristen Kaleal, the personal stylist and image consultant who professes the opportunity to be “always appropriate but NEVER boring”!  


  Leslie sharing her business vision Here is Leslie sharing herself and the vision for her business.  As is the way of the mastermind, the energy in the room was electric. After introductions and sharing what we saw that we could each bring to and take away from the group we naturally flowed into a brainstorm about each other’s businesses.  The room was just humming, the ideas flowing and the end result was at least one 1,000,000 idea, a brand new keynote speech, a total revamp of my business, and an incredible camaraderie and affinity among the members.


My new keynote   The brainstorm that lead to my fabulous new keynote speach! As a result, my new business card is being prepared for printing as we speak and adjustments to are in the works.  For me the coolest thing I got is that while I have been focusing on Life Coaching (after 4 years being an executive coach) I got in touch with the fact that I really do love the business coaching.  I love it, that is, as long as I am doing it the “coach joelle” way.  So on the tail end of our meeting, I got that I am ready to serve business with the same passion, power and commitment to Joy that I serve my life coaching clients and I cannot wait! As a result I have changed my message to this:


Professional Coaching for business and life.  Because you really can have it all!


I realized that while I had been trying to separate the two areas (life and business) that I simply cannot, because in my world the two are inexorably integrated. I believe that you can have a life that delights and inspires you and that includes your work…because you really can have it all. Ahhhh.  The freedom in this is so beautiful and the future looks so bright! So much fun on the horizon!


Watch for the changes to the website ( as we take it to the next level and keep posted for new breaking developments!!  


So much love your way!

Coach Joelle

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