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coachjoellemylHi guys!

As you know it’s been my great joy and honor to share the powerful life-making tools of Life Coaching for over a decade.

What you may not know is that since 2001 I have also been supporting leaders to design their careers and businesses on purpose; working with everyone from small business owners to general Managers running $80,000,000.00 businesses across myriad industries as an Executive Coach.

For years I have served as a professional coach for life and business and for years I have pondered how to best straddle these two worlds. While clients and close friends began pointing out that “coaching” is “coaching” whether I’m serving a CEO who wants to create a culture of engagement or an individual who wants to find their personal passion, I was still aware that the global business leader may have slightly different needs and priorities than the individual seeking joyful living.

And so it was that was born!



For my corporate clients: The good news is that the next time you want to refer your boss, peer or team member for a leadership tune- up you can send him or her to a less intimate and more professionally-geared business coaching site that will speak their language.

For my life coaching clients: We will continue to play at This opens up the opportunity for us all to more fully share the latest revelations, epiphanies and generally mind-blowing stuff that arises as we walk the path to fulfilling on our highest purpose and uncover the mysteries and miracles of this thing called life.

If you have an employer or you are one: I invite you to take 5 minutes and check out the new site and see what it stirs up in you.

As you read the success stories of the courageous leaders who have gone before you be sure to ponder:

A) Who do you know who could use a coach in their corner?

B) Who are the managers in your world that want to give more and get more from their teams?

C) What would you like to achieve in your career or business that would be worth your time, attention and commitment?

And then pick up the phone and give me a call at 216 320 9298 or tell your colleagues to sign up for a no-cost consultation and let’s start shaking things up!

Here’s to rocking lives and transforming corporate America!

Coach Joelle

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