My First Blog Entry!

I remember the first time I heard of a blog.  What a funny word! It brings to me an image of someone just spewing every word out of their head in one dump .."BLOG!".:-) Hey, I guess it is a pretty appropriate word.


Anyway. This is a very new thing for me, blogging that is.  I have written since the beginning of time and I LOVE recording my thoughts and insights, it has been an incredible tool for me over the years. But now, I am writing and the world gets to see it ( ah, delusions of grandeur as my father would say), you know, anyone who wants to read my blog can see my blog, it is a little different than writing in a journal. 


For 1) I figure I have to be interesting!  My journal never cared if I was interesting, heck, it never even required that I made sense, but I figure part of this blog is to provide insight, awareness, value and information of interest.  hmmm. 


Thing 2) there is that really interesting fine line of what do you write and what don’t you write. Are their taboo subjects? Maybe I should not be writing about a fight with my husband ( but of course, we never fight), or moments of fear and terror as I make my way in the world ( of course, that never happens either).  I guess I get to make the rules on this one so here is my rule.  I will write what is there to write, providing, it does not intentionally hurt someone and that my motives are to positively impact the world. hmmm, I like that! So those are the guidelines, the rest shall unfold as it will.  How fun!


sending  love,


Coach Joelle

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