My Adventure in the Spotlight!

Some of you may be aware that a few months ago I had the opportunity to audition to host a reality coaching show in Canada.  When it all came about there was a frenzy of creativity, collaboration and very tight deadlines for me to get the production company a video that represented what I was capable of. 







Three days after my initial application I got the call… I made the short list!  I did the OMG! Dance and I cannot remember the last time I got quite that excited about something (it was probably waiting at the airport to meet “theman who would be my husband” for the first time after 3 months of online courtship – it was pretty darn exciting!)


With making the short list came round two and more video to be shot.  For my second go around I hired “the twins”. 


“The twins” are Michael and Daniel Carberry of MDC films.


These guys are amazing, professional, totally fun and really difficult to tell apart :-).  Our home became a production studio and with the help of a couple of dear friends and the expert videography of “the twins”, I sent In a submission that was everything I had imagined. As of a couple weeks ago the final decision is still sitting with the network (fingers crossed) but I am pleased to say that I have since had the occasion  to get back in front of the camera! Last Wednesday, I got an email from the twins asking me to play a mom in their latest short film! 


Once I got over the punch in the gut that I am now cast as “a mother” instead of “hot girl #2” 🙁  I was delighted to be a part of the process. So once again the home of Coach Joelle was transformed into a studio and I got back to my old high school drama roots.  It was a great day! I got to play, the twins got the shots they wanted and my husband Jeff got to play movie production assistant, heading out for pizza to feed the hungry crew.


Joelle and the crew 


Keep an eye out for these guys, they are 17 and heading to Hollywood after graduation and I have no doubt they will find their way to the top.


May your life deliver new adventures!






  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! You are SO going to be on TV! Or if not THAT show, you’ll find another. And I love how your kitty is poking her head in the pic….is that Guinee? Cute!! Keep us posted on this adventure!

  2. Penny!

    You are so sweet! Thank you for your enthusiasm and great eye! Yes that is Guinne. She is has little kitty stars in her eyes. Sending hugs!


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