Making the Life – My Peace Schedule

Hi Gang!


The new Make Your Life Program started last week and that means that I have been busy making my life too!


This weekend I spent a quiet morning over oatmeal and some decaf cap at Starbucks and got started on some serious life-making.  I figured I would share some of my adventures here over the next couple months so you can get some ideas for creating your own life.


One thing I am super pleased about is my beautiful new schedule!


The life I have decided to create is My Peaceful, Abundant Life!


When I described My Inspired Future ( an excercize in the program where you write out what you want your future to look like)  – it had a distinct feeling of peaceful Zen-ness. It begins:


“Comfort and beauty surround me…”




To facilitate this lovely future I needed to create a fresh new schedule, since how I spend my days has a major role in my own peace.  Today is my first full day with it.  Here is what it looks like:


6:00 Wake and Walk (love being outside in the dark before the world wakes up.)
7:00 Meditate – this is an important next step for my development that I am clear will not happen without me putting it on the schedule.
7:30 Morning pages – an exercise from the book “The Artist’s Way.” Essentially you write whatever is on your mind until there is nothing left. I have found this to be a powerful way to clear the mind and root out any hidden anxieties for a really powerful day.
8:00 Shower – When you get to go to work in your fuzzy slippers it is important to make time for getting ready in the morning. ?
8:30 tidy, clean, prep – I love this – I actually get to finish the laundry, tidy up the living room, organize a closet or even do an art project to make my home more peaceful before I even start my work day.


Then I have my work day.

And various evening delights.

9:00 Wind down/Meditate/ Bathe/ Read
(this means minimal TV and time to ease into my sleepy-time)
10:00 lights out (gotta do it or 6 am will come way too quickly.)


So that is my schedule and I like it. It means that I have no commitments before 9:00 am other than taking care of me and my home and my man and then early to bed. Lots of Zen time and certainly a great setup for peace.


May this inspire you to create your own schedule for peace, or creativity, or adventure or whatever else makes your eyes sparkle.


Hugs to you!




  1. Hi Joelle,

    I agree with you 100% about scheduling. The difficult part is keeping to it day after day! I like the part about not making commitments before 9am.

  2. 🙂 awesome!! It looks a lot like my schedule over here in Bali.
    Beating the sun up and enjoying the richness of the morning… meditating, journaling, massage, baths.. all of the simple pleasures of a peaceful life.

    Enjoy your peaceful,abundant life1 I love you! xo

  3. Love you too AJ,

    I look forward to hearing of your adventures…. 3 months in BALI with your own personal McDreamy, I’d buy the book!

    Sending love to you all. There is beauty all around us if we just take a moment to appreciate the simple things.


    Coach J


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