Make Your Life Quiz And A New Site! Sooooooo Exciting!

Hi Guys!



I know it has been awhile.  Ok, longer than awhile.  It’s been FOREVER since I wrote a full-on blog post!



You see, I have been in this interesting place; a place where contemplation and grounding have been more important than action and output.


Many months ago, I went through an uncommon period of activity that was so intense and so demanding that something mind-boggling happened!  For a period of no less than 5 weeks I was so swept up in life that I totally and completely forgot to Make My Life.


Me, Coach Joelle, the master Life-Maker, creator of the Make Your Life Program! The person who loves nothing more than to create life and live my dreams – and I had totally disconnected from all that I value, from all that I am in the name of productivity and a mad dash to who knows where?.


Once I had woken up, things became very clear:


1) 5 weeks of unconscious living was NOT OK! In no way was this the quality of life experience that I found acceptable for myself.


2) I realized anew that if I could totally lose sight of my own creative power and my process anyone could and I had some serious work to do.


First things first –  I had to step back … WAYYYYY BACK! I looked at the myriad projects, ambitions, aspirations I had, the programs I wanted to write and the products I wanted to deliver and asked myself:


a) Why do you want to build this?


b) Is this project/action/ambition essential to your career, fulfilling you destiny, maintaining or growing your way of life?


c) Are any of these projects just “nice ideas”? If they never happened would it affect my income, my purpose, my level of joy?


d) Does all this have to be done right now?


e) What is most essential?


The things that were most important rose to the top and everything else had to wait until I had the space to invite them back in. So here is what made the top of the list other than, of course, serving my amazing clients and making my life:



Building The New Coach Joelle Inc. Business Coaching Site




One of the things I had been struggling with was that, more and more, I was reconnecting to executive coaching and serving inside of businesses but the truth was that my Coach Joelle site was never designed to do that.


I found myself writing these newsletters knowing that I had executive clients that may not want to hear about the “magic of life” or how I secretly think that I have a direct line to Arianna, Queen of the Forest (ya, I know – I’m not kidding.)


It became really clear that, in order to have full self- expression in all areas on my life and to be able to contribute what I was here to contribute, it was time to break out my business into two communities:


1) My executive business community –  whom I serve through business coaching and the iLead Self- Mastery Program and


2) The LifeMakers – those who want to join me in the dance of consciously creating their life through the Make Your Life program and life coaching.


We are still a couple months out but I wanted to share with you the beginnings of what is sure to be a kick butt business coaching site!!  I am so proud of this – it is beautiful and empowering and it is going to totally take my executive coaching to the next level.


 Here is a sneak peak:



Coming soon! I will let you know when it launches!



Recreating The Make Your Life Program



The other essential undertaking was to recreate the Make Your Life Program, integrating all of the new clarity and awareness that had arisen over the years since I first conceived of it.  As far as I can tell, my job in this life is to raise the consciousness of the planet by seeking to understand the nature of life and share it with others.  The Make Your Life Program does that in a powerful and profound way and I am very proud of what it has become.


Over the months to come I will be sharing much of the wisdom in the Make Your Life Program in this blog and I will also give you an opportunity to join me for the next live program. But, for starters, I wanted to introduce you to the entry point of it all! The Make Your Life Quiz!


I created this quiz to help people determine:


a) Are you powerfully making your life?


b) Where are you strong in LifeMaking and where could you use more support?


c) What are the specific actions you can take to move into a more powerful place?


If you want to find out where you currently sit on the LifeMaking scale, go ahead and give it a try!


   myl quiz with button_cropped_jpg






Beyond these essentials I have been taking care of my body, loving my husband and creating my life and, with these major projects coming to fruition, I am ready to get more of my energy out into the world .



So, expect to hear more from me in the months to come and if there is anything you need, if you want to connect or get talked out of a rut or off a ledge or into an adventure, don’t hesitate to reach out.


I hope you are totally loving your life and I look forward to connecting again soon.



With love,





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