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I am so excited to share today’s Make Your Life Interview with you! 


My guest today is the founding editor of Experience Life Magazine, Pilar Gerasimo and she is one amazing woman with a message that will change your life.


As you hear the details of Pilar’s journey, you will be inspired by how her desire to create a different kind of health magazine (one that was not all about fad diets and 6-pack abs) and a willingness to take risks and take action set circumstances in motion to have her living a life that is best described as a dream come true.


Today as a result of Pilar’s desire to impact the health and vitality of the American public she has done nothing less than create her own revolution! 


In a world where fast food, chronic stress, prescription symptom-masking and a computer-to-couch lifestyle is the norm, and drinking green juice and meditating is considered “a little weird”, Pilar asserts that seeking health truly is a revolutionary act. 


Pilar’s new site embodies this message and challenges the way our society is leaning, putting the knowledge (and hence, the power) back in your hands to choose to be revolutionary for the sake of your own health, vitality and longevity.


Whether you are inspired to take a new look at how you treat your body or you are moved to pursue your dreams, Pilar’s story is sure to empower you to Make Your Life  




Make Your Life Interview with Pilar Gerasimo



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Pilar Gerasimo is the founding editor of Experience Life Magazine, a whole-person health and fitness magazine that reaches more than two million women and men nationwide.

But this magazine is different than a lot of what you will find out there in the world of health and fitness: No six-pack-abs sensationalism or bikini-body obsessions; no diets or overnight miracle weight loss schemes; just the practical wisdom and real-life inspiration you need to achieve the healthy life goals that matter to YOU. 

Available on newsstands at Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble and also by subscription, Experience Life has won numerous awards and earned high praise from leading health experts, including Dr. Mehmet Oz. The magazine’s tagline — “Being Healthy Is a Revolutionary Act” — reflects one of Pilar’s deepest personal convictions: that choosing to be healthy in an unhealthy culture requires unconventional choices and perspectives, and that when you make that choice it positively transforms not just your own life, but the lives of everyone around you. 

Pilar’s central passion is empowering people to live their healthiest, most authentic lives so that they can give their best gifts — and thereby help change the world for the better. Pilar lives with her husband Zack and their three-legged pitbull on an organic cooperative family farm in western Wisconsin.



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