Make Your Life Interview Series: An Interview With Kyle MacDonald

coachjoelleheadHi Guys!


Back from a relaxing week on a beautiful ship in the sparkling blue Caribbean I’m overwhelmed with a deep appreciation. It is a wonderful thing when vacations are the icing on top of a fulfilling life as opposed to some desperate act of resuscitation.  Love it.


Grateful to be back on the desk I am excited to share an interview with you from the Make Your Life Interview Series.


Allow me to introduce Kyle MacDonald, of One Red Paper Clip fame.


Kyle is pretty amazing.  His energy, enthusiasm and pure audacity are truly inspiring for anyone who is out to make their life. 


If the name doesn’t ring a bell then perhaps this will.  


Kyle is the creative Canadian who traded a red novelty paperclip for …


….. wait for it…     ….wait for it…




It is one awesome story and he has authored a book entitled One Red Paperclip detailing his experience.   Kyle is a true adventurer and a powerful Life Maker and I am excited to share him with you in this inspiring interview!


Hold onto your hats! If he can cause a house from a paperclip who knows what his story will spark in your life.





Make Your Life Interview with Kyle MacDonald of One Red Paperclip




 A little about Kyle …


Kyle MacDonald, author of One Red Paperclip has planted more than one hundred thousand trees, delivered more than one thousand pizzas, but eaten only one scorpion. He has also traded one red paperclip for a house only once.

Hear his amazing story as he interviews with Coach Joelle!


 ( NOTE: Due to technical difficulties the sound quality on my voice is pretty bad.  Kyle sounds clear so bear with me and you will get to hear all the good stuff.)


 Listen Now!    Coach Joelle Interviews Kyle MacDonald




Download instructions: To listen, right click on the link above and select "Save Target As." Pick a folder to save your audio into.  Once the audio is saved to your hard drive you can upload it to your iPod or listen to it on your computer at your leisure. Note: Due to the file size, downloading may take a few moments. Deep breath… exhale… smile… ok, it will be there any moment now  😉




The Make Your Life Interview Series brings you visionaries, masters and everyday people who have discovered the magic available when you live on-purpose.  In each interview you will hear inspiring stories and gain practical insights to support you in reaching beyond your circumstances, accessing your personal power and creating a life in alignment with your values, dreams and aspirations.



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