Lovin’ Livin’ in the Zone!

It’s happening!  Last night my husband had to call me to bed at 11:00 because I was so inspired I did not want to get off the computer! I spent hours laying in bed as though someone had slipped me an intervenes of diet coke and here it is 5:30 am and I am up because my head demands to be heeded – the ideas flowing out of it looking for a home in the pages of my new creation.  Ahhhh this is life!!


On Tuesday I told you I had an epiphany in the shower well since then I can hardly contain myself. I can barely focus on anything else because this puppy wants to be born NOW!  So I am totally caught up in the inspiration of it and the wonder of the way the world works as every idea I have had over the last 8 years, everything I have become and everything I love all has a home in this new idea.  The pieces are already there and all I need to do is draw them together. That is what I was doing last night and I already have 105 pages of the manual. I have already shared with 7 people and every one is totally excited, inspired and asking what they can contribute. I even had one person offer seed money for the starter packages and editing services (WOW! Thanks mom) and another was wiggling in her seat to tell me that she had an entire video production studio (green screen and all) in her office and it was mine to use at will  (thank you Sheri!) and I asked for nothing, NOTHING! It was my enthusiasm and their desire to contribute which created it all.  Now that I look at it, I also have my very own sound engineer and personal recording artist at my side (a la my sister Tiffany Prochera) and I am supporting my husband’s business in being even more brilliant than they are (Hi Webtego guys) and in exchange they have agreed to support me in building the website of my dreams.  And so it begins. There is total peace and TOTAL excitement emanating from my bones as I see the future unfolding in all its glory – way better than I could ever have manufactured through all my trying and effort.  Did I mention this was delivered to me in the shower when I had nothing on my mind but "lather, rinse, repeat"? Awesome!


My thoughts for you on day two of this brand new adventure (that has been brewing for the past 34 years) is to let you know that…


The creative power inside of you and all around you is far greater than what the efforts that “thinking hard” and “figuring out” can hope to produce.

You are more brilliant and more trustworthy that you can imagine.

When you have a flash of inspiration, check it out.

When you feel lead in a direction, try following it for a bit.

When your body and mind tells you it is time to be quiet, listen to it.



As the journey unfolds, know that in the end, you are safe and all is well.


I love you! Thank you for being on this journey with me.




  1. I love the thoughts…. fabulous reminders. I must have been spiritually led to your blog today. It’s time for me to stop “thinking” and start listening to the whispers of the universe.

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