Love, Peace, Joy and the Magic of Life

It is Sunday.


I have been thinking.


I have a purring cat in my lap and I have been called to write.


At different times in my life I have questioned “what am I here to do?”


Actually at certain times, asking “what am I hear to do?” was not even a blip on the radar, it was more… “What am I going to do?”  In early parts of my life there has been a quest for knowing myself, to understand where I can find happiness and peace.  It was not about how to serve. Service was a natural result of my action in the world but I was not asking the question “How can I serve the world?” I was asking “How can I make it in this world?”


Also along the path I noticed that certain things that were clouding the bigger picture have fallen away.  For instance I have let go of the idea that I need to be someone important or special.  I now know that my importance and special-ness is equal to the rest of us, it is inherent and not something that needs to be sought.


As the years have passed and I have found my path, found my own way to peace and joy and deepened my understanding of this world, I have found my way to a faith in things and a knowing that all is well and always will be.  From this place I can really see the opportunity to let go of protecting myself and let go of my concerns and my needs and truly release my will and allow myself to be taken to a new calling, one that does not have a concern for my welfare, one that is truly rooted in service.


From this fresh place I can ask the question “What am I here to serve?”


The answer is clear… it is love.


It is for the world to know love, for its people to live in peace and for people to have access to daily joy.


I am here to share the magic in the world and the beauty of life. 


I have known this for some time but there were a couple of things that have softened the impact and have gotten in the way of fully declaring it.


1) Who do you think you are to show people the magic in the world?

2) How do you build a business plan around that?


To the first, I can say that I know who I am.  I am just a person, like anyone else, who has a calling and to leave it unanswered would be a disservice to myself and the world.


As for the business plan, today I can see that it is unnecessary.   I know that I will be provided for on this path so what there is to do is move forward and watch and listen and all will be revealed.


This is a dawning of a new era for Joelle.


I know what the next step is but I am not sure what comes after that and that is ok.


Let’s dance my friends! Life is such a brilliant mystery. Let us revel in it and celebrate it!


Thank you for listening. May these writing support you on your own path to knowing the magic and walking your path.


HUGS to you!






  1. Did you read my journal!?! I have written something very similar in the last two months!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!

    Can’t wait till we can do an 11 am dance break together too!! rock on soul sista!


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