You Are All Signed Up!

Coach Joelle with Flower FinalI am so excited to welcome you into this wild wild world where you get to fulfill on your biggest dreams, become your best self and do it all with a loving universe at your back.

Seriously – it is AWESOME!

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Now, in the meantime, If you are ready to get started I have a special gift for you.

The Introduction to Passionate Powerful Living is a 60 minute audio program designed to get you dreaming and empowered and connecting to the miracles all around you.


It is my gift to you for being willing to say "YES" to your own bigness and to living a life you love. 


To download, simply follow the instructions below and then settle in with a pen and paper, some green juice or a great mug of tea and let's get started!






Access The Goodness: 

Download and listen instructions:

To Download: Right click the link below and "save as" to your desktop.

To Listen: Click the link below and an audio player will open in a new screen. (You may need to give it 2 minutes or so to get warmed up.)





BIG HUGS and welcome to your new life adventure! 







Anything you need? Just send me an email or give me a call (360) 378 0088. It would be my pleasure to support you in any way I can.