Listen to the Morning

I woke this morning inspired for walking. 


Where I usually bring some tunes to rock to or a cd to hang out with my buddies Wayne, Deepak or Tony, today I was clear, I only wanted to hear the morning. It is overcast and there is a breeze. The kind of morning that has that hint of going back to school. Picking mums and snap dragons from the garden for teachers, dew on the grass.


The cicadas sound a constant trill, different from the waves of clacking that signals mid- day, in morning they sound more like the orchestra warming up.  Strings tuning. This morning has me overwhelmed with the joy of life and the beauty of my neighborhood. 


Majestic houses set back into wooded yards, their inhabitants still asleep.  I walk under the canopy of trees that cover the red cobbled road. It is dark under here, peaceful.


What adventures will today bring? 


All will be revealed. But for now, I will rest with the morning.


Good morning to you.




  1. What a beautiful entry! Thank you for this inspiration.I am always inspired by your writings.I’m going out for a walk now!

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