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Coach Joelle with Flower FinalOne Passionate Powerful Life Coming Up!


Life is far more amazing than any of us can actually imagine and if you take the principles in this program to heart and practice them every day, you will begin to experience the magic that is all around you.

(Oh and you get a TOTALLY AWESOME life!) 

BIG HUGS and enjoy digging in. This is the beginning of a whole new life adventure! 



"You have helped me to live in a magical world. Before I couldn't think forward. I couldn't see beyond the busyness of my life. You helped me dream again. You changed my life.” – Amanda M. Cleveland, OH




What You Get:


The Introduction to Passionate Powerful Living was created so that you have the tools and knowledge to live each day with passion, in pursuit of your dreams, knowing that you have the power to create anything you want in life. And THAT is pretty darn awesome!


This 60 minute program will help you:

– Get in touch with the dreams that tug at your heart.

– Learn how to harness your thoughts to immediately improve your life and being to powerfully create your future.

– Become the master of your own destiny, someone who makes life happen instead of having life happen to you.

– Learn to connect to and trust the order of the universe and begin to experience the serendipities, synchronicity and magic of life.

Everything you need to get started is below. Just download and get ready to fall in love with your life!



!Access Your Free Gift


Step 1: Download your free Introduction To Passionate Powerful
Living audio using the link below.
Step 2: Grab a pen and paper and begin creating your life, your way!  


To Download: Right click the link below and "save as" to your desktop. Then play it using your favorite media player.


To Listen: Click the link below and an audio player will open in a new screen.


(You may need to give it 2 minutes or so to get warmed up.)




Anything you need? Just send me an email joelle@coachjoelle.com.


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