Not so Sweet Dreams

I am a HUGE fan of dreaming in life! Seeing the possibility of something, believing it can happen and going after it!


I am also a fan of dreaming when I am asleep. It can be a lovely escape, you can go on whole adventures without leaving the comfort of your bed. 


But what I have no interest in are dreams that make me more tired when I wake up than before I went to sleep!


I am sharing this because last night I had one of my old favorites.  The anxiety dream.  Ah yes, this is the dream where,  I suddenly realize that I have not been going to class, or band practice or play rehearsals all year and now, it is time for exams or time for a concert or time for the show.  In the dream I have to not only 1) find the class that I have not been attending all year  but also 2) show up and perform.  I mean honestly, can you imagine showing up to the theatre, standing back stage, trying to memorize lines right before you have to go on and not even knowing what show you are acting in?! It sucks! (Please excuse my explicative language) it sucks sucks sucks!   Arg!


Well, the one last night was the same old theme but a new venue.  This time I was in college! (Usually it is a high school event that I have been neglecting, but it seems I have graduated.)  So last night I got to spend the night realizing that I had class that I had not attended, looking for where the class was located and what time it started.  I also got a tour of all of the dorm rooms while looking for mine which I couldn’t find and looking for my boyfriend (my husband) who seemed to be nowhere in site.  Ahhhhh. 


The interesting thing is, even though I did not enjoy this dream, it clearly represents something going on in my life.  The anxiety “there is something I am supposed to be doing that I am not” is definitely there as I step out into the world in this new way.  There are so many things I want to create, so many things I want to contribute, but what should be first and which second, have I forgotten something, etc. ….?


I offer that the dream is a tool for awareness. If you have so much going on that it is showing up in your sleep, perhaps that is something to look at.  So what I see from my dream is, it is time for a new plan. Time for me to put intentional thought into creating a new list.  It is time to get it all out of my head and onto paper so that I can see all the moving parts and make sure that I know what they are and where they fit.  So I can look at what needs attention and what can wait and so that nothing falls through the cracks.


It is rare that I actually take the time to interpret my dreams, but from time to time I will be intrigued by what my dream has presented me and I will use an online references tool to see what the dream books have to say about the flying penguin in my living room (go to and type in “dream interpretation or “meaning of dreams” and you will find plenty of resources.)


Looking up dream interpretations can be fun, interesting and sometimes quite informative.  For instance, tornadoes and volcanoes often show up for me in times of change or intensity.  The interpretations I have found for both of these from various resources are around intense emotions and stifling those emotions.  So a volcano or a tornado always has me stop and look at what is going on in my life. Do I need to step back? Do I need some support or is this just something to watch.


I don’t pretend to understand the full mechanics of dreams (are they really just random synapses firing?) and a person doesn’t have to make them mean anything, but I offer, if you happen to become aware of your dreams, check them out,  They can often offer insight and awareness as you walk your path.  If you look, there is something there for you.


Sweet dreams,



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