Know Your Limits

It is the 11th consecutive weekday that I have attended the 6 am Cleveland Heights walking club which departs from the neighborhood Starbucks.  5 days of walking (a little over an hour each day) plus 2 days of Gyrotonic inside of one week and I am learning a little bit about the limits of my body. 


Between two days of bloody socks (time for some new shoes) and two Friday’s where I am physically exhausted and barely able to function, and I have pretty much figured out that I need to chill a little and work my way back up to what I have been doing. 


I have decided to keep the 6 am wakeup but walk only 3 days a week.  Our walking leader also gave me some advice on how to use less energy walking by relaxing my body a bit. This falls right into line with my masso-therapist’s lecture that “there is no such thing as speed walking” at least not if you want to have a healthy, aligned body.  Hm, live and learn.


It is interesting. This is reflective of the way many of us live our lives.  We can power through the situation or responsibilities or time crunch of the moment, thinking that if we can just get through it then everything will be ok. But we don’t just “get through it”, we use this proof of endurance to pile on more and more and then, one day, it all catches up. Symptoms manifest either mentally (breakdown) or physically (illness) and we find out that we were not handling it all as well as we thought.


Who ever thought walking would take such a physical toll on the body? Now I know.


What are you pushing through that just might catch up to you, oh invincible one?


A little food for thought.



Hugs on a Monday,




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