Joan’s Story: Artistry, authenticity, empowerment & bliss

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I have known Joelle for a quarter of my life – the best quarter.  We met at the Tempe Chamber of Commerce at a mixer at a time when I was figuring out how to be an entrepreneur.  I had recently launched my law firm and was trying to learn how to market myself.  That fateful day was the best day of my life as it planted a seed that blossomed into an extraordinary relationship.

Joelle has helped me become the person I am today.  And I can honestly say, I love that person.   As I figured out how to become a successful entrepreneur, Joelle coached me and my entire staff to help us find, and reach, our potential.  While my business and team flourished with her assistance, the best side effect was the joy that showed up in life as I was more fully engaged.  In 2013, I celebrated my firm’s 12th anniversary. 

As I transformed my life over the years, Joelle was the one constant as I climbed mountains and fell into abysses.  She helped me move from enduring a heart-breaking divorce to stepping into the fire to learn and grow as I sought my authentic self.  I was able to face facades I’d spent a lifetime installing and break them down to let the real me emerge.  I learned I was not the roles I played; I was a real person with true brilliance to share with the world.  That was a liberating discovery.  A discovery that allowed me to flourish by tapping into my creativity and finding the boldness to fully explore life.

That exploration led to my move to paradise as I packed my life into a moving truck and landed in Napa.  I’ve never looked back and to this day, I wake up in gratitude every day.  I unabashedly pursue my passions, which has led to a life of artistry, creation, writing, authenticity, empowerment and bliss.  I continue to help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams as I follow mine. I’ve added “artist” and “author” to my roles and now I use my canvas and words to empower and inspire. 

I wholeheartedly believe I would not be where I am today without Joelle’s steadfast guidance over the years.  I could count on her constant belief in me when I couldn’t access it myself.  She never gave up on me and refused to let me give up on myself.  She gave me the security to be vulnerable and look into the dark crevices and know I would survive whatever was lurking there.  She gave me the strength and conviction to step into the flames of my life, shed the reptilian layers and rise as a Phoenix.  She has given me the greatest gift a person could receive – I am living my authentic life, on purpose, in my power and savoring each moment.  Thank you Joelle.


Joan Jakel, Chief Entrepreneurial Artist

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