Interview With A Goddess : Alexandra Jaye Johnson


coachjoelleheadHi guys,


I have a treat for you this week.


It is my honor and pleasure to introduce a very special woman, someone who I have come to know and love deeply. She is a bright light in the world and an amazing example of what it looks like when you boldly take on the process of consciously creating life.


Alexandra Jaye Johnson is the creator of the Rock Your Goddess Life programs, and is the Chief Community Goddess of


I recently interviewed Alexandra as part of the Make Your Life Interview Series, and her journey to knowledge, optimum health, passionate contribution and great love holds lessons for all of us who are out to live our lives by design.


Find a comfy spot, grab a smoothie and join me as I speak with the Chief Goddess herself!






Make Your Life Interview with Chief Goddess, Alexandra Jaye Johnson



Alexandra_Jaye_Johnson_photo_2010_smallerAlexandra Jaye Johnson is a Goddess. She is the creator of  the Rock Your Goddess Life programs and the Chief Community Goddess of She is a passionate student, a lover of life and she will tell you that she is full of love, laughter, divinity, & yummy food!  Listen as she shares how you can get your goddess on! 


    DoDListen Now! Coach Joelle Interviews Alexandra Jaye Johnson!    


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The Make Your Life Interview Series brings you visionaries, masters and everyday people who have discovered the magic available when you live on-purpose.  In each interview you will hear inspiring stories and gain practical insights to support you in reaching beyond your circumstances, accessing your personal power and creating a life in alignment with your values, dreams and aspirations.


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