I laid in a field today

I laid in a field today. Ahhhh. I find that in the throes of developing the vision that is Coach Joelle Inc. I can often become so engrossed in the process that a whole day goes by before I realize that there is an outside world. A world outside of my clients, writing, and getting it done.  The thing is you see, I really like the outside world. I especially like the “outside” part.  When I grew up we had a cabin at Setting Lake, an hour from Thompson, Manitoba Canada.  We spent every weekend there from when I was 10 until I was old enough to stay in town and chase boys instead. The cabin had a lot of “outside”.


I have such fond memories of carrying wood that my dad chopped for the wood-burning stove. Imagine little 10 and 8 year old girls (me and my sister) loaded with armfuls of logs.  Me always showing my dad how much I could carry so I would take 3-4 logs at a time! I used to want to be just like my dad. I even remember willing my arm hair to grow thick and dark like his so that I could have big hairy arms just like his( thank goodness I was not such a powerful manifestor back then or I would be getting the full-body wax ala “40 Year Old Virgin”!).  I remember catching a baby rabbit with my bare hands once and windsurfing on the lake; taking on the wind and water, just me and my board. I remember sitting on my special rock, looking out across the lake while I made up songs about life and sung them with the loons as the sun set on the horizon.   I really like the “outside”.


I have come to find that the outside feeds me. It gives me energy and perspective and space and connection and peace. I need the outside to be all of me.  So, today at 5:40 pm, I walked outside, not sure where I would end up, not sure that is, until I remembered the patch of nature I found on my birthday walk one month ago.  That patch of nature I have been meaning to visit. So today, I went down to the patch and I laid on the grass.  Arms and legs sprawled, on my back, looking up at the trees and the blue sky.  The wind blew through the trees and rustled the leaves. I think that is one of my favorite sounds of all time. In the grass, looking at the sky, my mind was quiet.  The day disappeared and there was nothing but me and the grass and the sky and god. I like my patch of nature. I have to go there more often.


Someday soon, my patch of nature will be on my patio, looking out on a lake so I can work and share with you from the “outside” instead of outside being a place I go between other things. I look forward to that day.


The outside is there for a reason. Is it calling you? I offer that you take a moment today and go visit your patch of nature; there are treasures there for you.


In peace,




  1. Joelle,
    This is my first visit to your website. I found your card on the bulletin board at my gym in Winnipeg. Here I thought you were from far away in the states somewhere! It’s so neat to find out that you know Mannitoba! I live in a small (very small) town 1/2 hour from Winnipeg. I have been going for walks every night lately with my golden retriever, Seri. We start our walks at 8:30pm and see the sun setting just after 9pm. These walks are grounding me and keeping me connected (to God, to my divine self) as I work through some major questions in my life. The gravel roads, fields of wheat and canola, and the beautiful prairie sunsets have such a unique power to nurture me at this time. My connection to nature stems from annual visits to my grandparents’ places in Swan River Manitoba when I was a child and moving around every year or two because of my father’s work with the Armed Forces. Thank goodness nature is a constant….where ever one lives!


  2. Hi Joelle,
    I think I’ll go take my walk right now…I’m inspired!!
    Thank you for your message and your energy. I love the freedom and fun I feel from your words.

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