I Hereby Call This Life To Order!


Well hello!


As you’ll recall, last week I defined the parameters of my highest ideals and began zealously embodying them in “The Integrity Experiment”.


As I put the finishing touches on my 30 day plan for exceptional living and got ready to execute, I wondered what joyous activity I would be inspired to undertake first?!


Would I be called to express my creativity with paint and canvas?


Was I in for a quiet afternoon with the enlightening works of Eckhart Tolle and Ken Wilbur?


Perhaps it would be meditation in the park!


In a flash of illumination I saw the path! I knew exactly what I needed to do.


Shockingly, the work to be done was not in any way related to philosophizing or pondering the wonders of the universe. (Whah?!)


Nope. My “highest-self” had much more humble plans for my first day on the job.


Get Your "Order" On


The message came loud and clear … “Don’t even think of getting all up in your “highest-self” without cleaning up your mess! “


And so, the first brilliant shining actions I took inside of my Integrity Experiment included sweeping up the cat-hair tumbleweeds that had formed on the hardwood floor (I can just hear the collective gasp!), folding and putting away the laundry, tidying the kitchen and unpacking the suitcase that had remained on the floor after my Canadian adventures.


I organized my desk, fluffed the pillows, and watched as a clean visual picture replaced the previous disorder. 


With the taming of our space, calm came over me and my mind found new focus.


More than “house work”, these tasks were sacred and necessary, clearing room for what lay ahead.


The Invitation:


Whether you subscribe to the principles of Feng Shui or think of it more as an internal checklist that will not fully relinquish your mind until the papers are filed and the plants watered; the need for order is paramount for those who are out to consciously create their lives.


No doubt as you read this, the places of disarray in your life are rearing their messy heads, poking at you and demanding your attention. 


Whether they are…


Files waiting to be purged,


Papers ready to be filed,


Carpets longing for the caress of the vacuum,


Desks to be cleared,


Closets to be organized,  


Shelves to be dusted,


Socks seeking their perfect match,


Or crowded rooms asking to be transformed into spaces for creativity, play or rest;


Whether it’s as simple as a 15 minute “tidy”,




You alone know what it will take to get you grounded, clear-headed, satisfied and freed-up to create.


So do your life a favor and get to it!





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