I have something to tell you

I have something to tell you. 6 years ago I became a coach because coaching was an incredibly practical way to make life work. It did not require me to believe in anything other than the process. I could be grounded in “reality” and take practical action to get results. 


One of my favorite exercizes SEE BE DO GET (your thoughts lead to your emotions or ways of being – lead to your action – lead to your results) demonstrates how what you focus on comes into your reality and I liked that, I liked the process flow and the practicality.  And so I have practiced it and accomplished and taught others.


Through the years something very interesting has happened.  Through my mental rigor and my commitment to this very practical practice I have been opened up more and more to the miracles that are available in life. I had no intention of finding miracles here – I was taking the path that did not require miracles – and yet, here I am surrounded by miracles and being lead down the path to more.


I share this because I am on a path and I am very excited about where it is leading.  It started as the path to happiness, it has become a path to enlightenment and it just keeps getting more and more fascinating. My promise to you is that I will share with you what I find out on my path and that I will be conscious of putting it in a way that is as clear and accessable as possible. 


I know that not everyone of you is on this path but If you have come to this site and you are still reading then I am guessing that this message has something for you.


I have much to say but that is all for now. In the mean time, I am so grateful for this process and the marvel of this thing called life. Wow! Wow wow wow.


Thank you for being a place for me to share.


With Love,


Caoch Joelle

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