How fun to be on Oprah!

Hi guys! I wanted to share my 2000 character entry to be on Oprah on the show where they discuss the movie "The Secret".  It is a delightful turn of events that brought me to complete this application and I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet Miss O herself!  If you are looking for an adventure, check out her upcomming topics and see if there is anything that was built for you! 


"For 11 years I have practiced “The Secret”, experiencing so many miracles.  However, it was meeting my husband that sealed the deal for me on what is possible through the power of attraction. April 2004 I declared “I will meet the man I am going to marry within the next 12 months.” Then I created the vision of him and wrote it down, 8 pages worth, my heart on the pages. 


“Ahh There you are. I know you when you arrive in my life, sparkling eyes, dark hair, a smile that melts me.  You are very alive, you love to play and have adventures and travel. You love animals and children and you exude warmth.  You are strong enough to embrace me for all I am and to stand your ground and be yourself in my presence. You are my perfect match, in my best interest and what I need for the development of my soul and I am the same for you.”


I marched towards my deadline with absolute confidence, “he’s coming 1st quarter 2005” I would exclaim to everyone.   Dec. 2004, I saw an ad for an internet site with a free personality profile.  How fun!! I jumped on the site, excitedly filling in my answers to get my profile. Next thing I knew, men were showing up in my in-box! January 5th 2005 there he was “Jeff Ohio. Social, likes new people, adventurous. Total match!”


We emailed, started talking. Fell in love. He was everything I had written – EVERYTHING and he was quoting things right off the pages I had written. A country apart, now all that was left was to meet.


We were supposed to meet in February but his cat was sick.

We were supposed to meet in March, but he was sick.

He booked his flight for April 6th.


I was awe struck as I reviewed my goals book. There it was, what I had written only 11 short months before! “I will meet the man I am going to marry by… April 6th 2005.  


I stopped,                 breathed,                cried.  


We were engaged January 1st 2006 and married February 14th.


Today I invited him to watch The Secret.   Today he shared with me this opportunity to write you.


See you on the show." 


 So much fun! I hope you are enjoying your creating in this new year. 


So much love to you!



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