How do I Love Him..

How do I love him… Let me count the ways. 


I have often thought of sitting down to write this but never have, until now.  I sometimes hesitate to write because I wonder about what would be valuable to my community, or what will make a difference in the world, and sometimes I wonder what is really appropriate to put in this blog.  But I am turning over a new leaf. I will write here what I am compelled to write here and trust that it is just perfect.


So, today,  I want to express from the bottom of my soul that …




Sigh. Some of you know the quest I went on to find myself so I could be found by my husband and some of you do not but let me tell you, it was intentional and well thought-out, it took some serious soul-searching it was totally worth it!


But I am not here to tell the tale of how we came to be, I am not even here to share what we are, I am just writing to say what is there for me. I love my husband. I love our life. I have nothing but such great excitement when I think of what we have in store for us as we grow and learn and create and love, together.


It is a gift that every time I look at his face it fills me with joy! I think he is so beautiful and I love the little lines around his eyes when he smiles (which of course he denies exist 🙂 .  I love the way he challenges me to be the best I can be and the way he lifts me up when I am weary. I love the way we play together and the way he makes me laugh. I love the way we drive his sister crazy when we make out in public all the time!


I know that this is not the gushing of the newly-wed because we are still just learning how to be together. Just wait until we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Just imagine all we will know about serving each other then! Just imagine how we will play when we have 15 years of practice! Just imagine! When I sit in the appreciation of him and the joy he brings me and what it is like to bask in his love and appreciation and what it is like to feel truly cherished, it brings me to tears.


My invitation is to you single people out there.  Honor yourself enough to know what you want from a partner. Honor yourself enough to know yourself before you commit your life to another. Honor yourself to know that you do deserve great and uncompromising love. Know it is there for you.


With love,



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