Hot Sweaty Weekend of Fun! Get Your ZUMBA On!


No I am not referencing our recent Valentine’s Day festivities 😉 I am speaking of a wild weekend I spent with 50 fitness instructors doing some hard-core, gyrating, sassy, fitness-dancing in an 8 hour ZUMBA certification class.



The first Question I usually get here is ….What is Zumba?  Well, we were asked to repeat repeatedly that …



“ZUMBA is a dance/ fitness program set to international music ….OR… IT’S A PARTY!”



You choose the definition that works well for you but I will tell you, being lead by our expert instructor to the stars, Tanya Beardsley it was definitely all that and a bag of sunchips.


So what was a Professional Coach like me doing attempting to keep up with a bunch of professional fitness instructors?


Well,  a great friend of mine (owner of Inspiral motion and Gyrotonic instructor extraordinaire)said she was going and mentioned that there was no prerequisite to attend, so when I heard “road-trip” and “dance” and “party” I said, SIGN ME UP! 


No more than 3 days later I was asking myself “so tell me why again are you driving to New York to get Zumba certified when you will likely never teach a class?”  and the answer that kept coming back to me was… “because you said you would.” And at some point I was so inspired that I actually signed up and paid money to do it so who am I to question that inspiration.  And thus,  I Just put it on the calendar and went.


As it turns out, I am so grateful I got zumbafied for several reasons.



1 – I found out that when push comes to shove, I can do 5 hours of movement in a day. Who knew!


2 – I found out what it is to sweat – I mean really sweat for hours.  I rarely work hard enough to sweat and it is great to know I can do it while having a blast!


3 – I got to watch a master mover and was totally inspired! If you check out the youtube video I found below you will see some of the things she does with her body… I want to know how to do that!


4 – In our training there were a couple people who stood out from the crowd, that totally knew what was going on and they helped us all rock the house.  I would like to be someone who knows the formula, has practiced the basic steps and could walk into any Zumba class in the country and represent!


5 – for those of you who have followed my journey for a time you will remember that I have been seeking  “the body of a dancer”, with this in mind, my ZUMBA adventure is clearly just one more very important piece of this puzzle.


6 – I had 8 hours in the car with my friend and we never once turned on the radio.  It was lovely to share the time and get every little thing that might have been weighing on our minds out into the ether. Thanks  God for good friends!


7 – I just want to wear the clothes.  Our instructor had these wide legged baggy pants with tassels on the back pockets (that did amazing things when she did this particular shimmy move) and a chain from her hip to a side pocket.  So HOT!


And finally – our overnight trip to New York where I got to be a Zumba teacher for a day, got me out of myself. It took me into another world, one with a fresh perspective on fitness, my own body, dance and life in general.


Instead of being at the front of the class, I got to be a student and I witnessed a master instructor at work.  I felt the exhilaration of getting it and the growly frustration of being lost.  I even had a moment where I looked in the mirror and felt old and so totally “un-cool” and I watched as I was able to catch my mind, get over it and focus on the next step… and then the next.


This is really the challenge of everyday life.  How to stay focused on the dance, being present and intentional and not getting frustrated when learning the new steps; being patient with the process because one does not build the body of a dancer, a thriving business or a beautiful new romance over night.  We must move towards our inspired futures, calmly learning the steps, staying the course and knowing… we WILL get it.


So why not try something new.  Infuse some fun in your life. Trust your process and believe that with intention and focus you will get there….oh… And go get your ZUMBA on!


Happy Friday!


Coach Joelle

(p.s. none of these are me. In case you were wondering. i just found it online.)

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