Holiday Party Perfection

Hi Gang!  I trust you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I wanted to take a moment and share a highlight in my holiday weekend.


As the thanksgiving holiday approached I had a vision of what could be. Friends and family, a healthy dose of food and wine, great conversation and the ever important – ease in execution…. the perfect holiday party.


My vision for the perfect party experience was formed last year, when the day before thanksgiving, we started a tradition.  The tradition was basically this, my mom (from Canada)  and uncle Rob (from Ithaca New York)  get into town in time for the holiday, my husband comes home from work, I invite a friend over and what ensues is hours of riveting conversation, noshing and wine tasting followed by a late dinner at Nighttown (the local Irish pub). It is a modern take on the “conversation salons” of the past, and for me the experience of sharing time with the people I love and sharing the people I love with each other, has to be about the best feeling in the world.


This year, the tradition continued, only this time we added my uncle’s new girlfriend, my sister and a couple of new friends and as it turned out, everyone was having such a great time that we never even made it to Nighttown! The discussions were diverse and deep, ranging from the superior quality of the Stratocaster (guitar) to the best way to gain hope after a recent breakup, to cannibalism (I’m not kidding you) and the most beautiful thing is how everyone just meshed with everyone and I just got to sit back and watch and enjoy the glow. The conversation and wine-drinking was still going strong when I started cleaning up around midnight.  


Thinking about the joy and ease of it all, holding the vision but doing virtually no planning (my plan was basically food, chairs, people, wine)  I realize that I have come a long way from the first party I threw


The party was for a beloved fellow trombone-player and best friend who was moving out of town and I planned to have some people over to send him off in style! I had a very solid picture of how things were going to go and how the evening would unfold… and then life happened.  We were maybe 11 or 12 years old and I remember some people wanted to dance but I would have none of it! We had rented movies (really deep sad depressing movies “Mask” anyone) and we were going to watch them, even if nobody wanted to! Who knew a 12 year old would already be showing such control- freak tendencies. Yech!  The pain of that event stayed with me for a long time. I felt sad and a little embarrassed with how abrasive I was and how my plan got in the way of what could have been a perfectly good party.


Oh well. I guess somewhere along the way I learned that when it comes to parties and for that matter, pretty much everything, you tend to have a lot more fun letting things unfold naturally, trusting in the people, the process and the magic of life.


Hugs on a Monday!


Love, Joelle

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