Harry Potter has nothing on my Jeffrey!

It’s Thursday evening. I am sitting outside Starbucks finishing the final pages of the very last Harry Potter book. Tears running down my cheeks, it is an absolutely perfect ending that leaves me completely content. No cliffhanger, no loose ends, and every little thing ends up just that way I would have hoped. 


Ahhhhh. This perfect moment could only be topped by one thing… the arrival of my husband home from his day! Kisses at the door and then we take a jaunt across the street to our favorite martini bar for a beverage, dinner and the perfect evening on the patio.  As we take on our usual Thursday conversation, we scheme about the future, dream about what we are creating and revel in each other’s adventures of the day. 


This is truly the very best thing in the world for me.

jeff and joelle lopez


As I am listening intently completely wrapped in his sharing, sitting on the edge of my seat to hear what is next, I realize something. I realize something deep and powerful and exciting about why I love taking on life beside my husband. I realize that with this partner in life, instead of me, standing alone, creating life on my own, taking on the adventure solo, suddenly with Jeff I have a true partner in creation.


On the one hand we get to dream together and his dream enriches and expands mine. On the other, he has his own adventure and because our lives are so deeply and undeniable intertwined, his adventures may take me and my life down whole new paths at any time, just as mine can jump up and surprise him and he gets to come along for the ride!


I used to be afraid of this. I used to resist it.  “Leave me alone and get out of my way! I have a life to build here and you better not mess it up!”


Today it is double the adventure, double the fun!


May you each find someone delightful to share your adventure with!


A toast to partnership, adventure and trust.




Coach J

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