Great Meals and Life’s Simple Pleasures

Happy Monday!


For my husband and I, casual conversation and a glass of wine over a fine meal is one of our greatest pleasures.  It is not uncommon for us to spend several nights a week out at some of our favorite restaurants sharing the events of our day and enjoying each other’s company.


With that being said, something has been happening over the past several months that is creating some new patterns in our life; new patterns that excite me as I imagine the possibilities.


As many of you know, last fall I took on a 21 day cleanse, the lessons from this were many and as a result I have created a greener, more vibrant diet, relying less on animal protein (because now I know I can) and bringing in much more of the crazy greens and stuff like seaweed and Kale, foods that in the past I really would have had no idea what to do with.


Add to this my husband’s passion for the environment and the litany of information and documentaries he has brought into my life regarding GMO’s ( genetically modified crops), pesticides, and fish mercury levels and I find we are now shopping organic, GMO free, buying free range eggs and choosing our meat and fish very carefully.


Then add that I am preparing to get pregnant.  Yep, you heard me.  Unless some intriguing unforeseen circumstances arrive, we will get busy and start our little family shortly after our 2 year anniversary coming up February 14th.


With all these factors I have a heightened desire to serve my body, serve my family’s health and serve our not yet conceived child by creating a pure, clean, non-toxic, healthy environment using all the knowledge presented.


So with all of this background it will be no surprise to you that our weekly trips to Whole Foods have become less of a novelty and more of a necessity as we stock up on everything from organic produce to almond milk to hemp seeds (a brilliant protein source, by the way.)


This Sunday’s trip was a carefully planned event as my dear husband has recently rediscovered the joy of cooking.  He has treated me to his special patented stir fry two weeks in a row (the ingredients of which you shall never know as he has sworn me to secrecy) and he was anxious to bring his creation to the dinner table a third time.


After all the stir fry ingredients had been acquired, while we were looking for whole grain, imported Italian penne (I read that the Italian pasta is a great buy as it is held to a high governmental standard and to a high consumer standard by the people of Italy) my husband picked out an organic vodka sauce and a roasted pepper sauce and he said to me….”Hey babe?  How about I do the cooking this week?”
How delightful is that!!


So for the days to come I will play kitchen assistant to his iron chef and together we will create natural, clean, vegetable-filled delicious meals in our home.   Ahhhh.


Isn’t it amazing how “simple” the “simple pleasures of life” can be?


May your days be filled with simple pleasures, lovely meals and delightful company.


Sending hugs,




P.S. Some day, in the not too distant future, Jeff and I plan to live in the woods, with a garden, composting, singing Koombya :-).  Ok, maybe not Koombya but there will be singing and a brilliant community and meals with friends on the patio and great wine. Yummy!:-) For now, we will make meals together, watch the falling snow from under fuzzy blankets, cuddle our cats and continue to create the life we have imagined. Smooch!




  1. Lovin it Sista!!

    I feel ya on the beauty of keeping it simple!

    Can’t wait to visit you in your new cabin home and get some fresh veggies from the garden and have Jeff stir fry it up! 🙂 heehee!


  2. LA Blogger Gal says:

    sounds like a great plan! If only my hubs would take on the cooking from time to time. We can all dream. Until then, there’s always the crockpot!

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    Oh, and LA Blogger Gal, don’t give up on the Hubs! There is always hope! 🙂

    Coach J

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