Getting Healthy from the Inside Out

I am totally Jazzed! 


I just signed up for a 21 day cleanse and it starts next Tuesday!   The program includes 4 weeks of instruction, reading materials, supplements, unlimited yoga, Pilates and GYROKINESIS® , the support of a community and the care of Janee Kuta-Lliano a seasoned professional in Internal Cleansing and Detoxification.  HOW MUCH FUN!


I have been heading down this path for a while, little by little, and I am ready to go all the way! 


Here are all the things that have been on my mind that have brought me to this place. 


1) I know some beautiful, healthy 50 year olds. They all concur, no red meat, lots of greens and little to no interest in sugar.


2) My husband has been reading about the chemicals in our foods, and the impact of pesticides and genetic engineering on our food supply.  Some pretty interesting stuff that has me convinced organic is the way to go.


3) My skin has been having some issues. It could be hormones, it could be stress, it could be that the skin is the second liver.   I figure if I get all the junk out of my system there is a chance my liver can do the work and leave my skin out of it. ( I have recently added dry skin brushing and the juice of 1 fresh lemon in warm water each morning to support the liver in it’s process.)


4) My journey with my food coach Paul Koros last year showed me that vegetables, hearty grains, portion control and eliminating sugar can do wonders for my body, remove sugar cravings and take me to pre-college weight.


5) The cycle of sugar cravings and alcohol consumption lead to among other things, yeast in the system that increases cravings, impacts insulin processing and exacerbates hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). 6) I found out my husband’s vitamix (heavy duty blender) makes awesome fruit and vegetable juice with all of the fiber and super easy clean up.


7) Two years ago I went off of the pill, and avoid antibiotics at all costs after reading the Body Ecology Diet. This was the beginning of a choice to be as “natural” as possible.


8) This spring Whole foods came to town which makes all sorts of healthy eating choices much more accessible and fun!


9) I am going to be on TV soon so I might as well get my skin and my body under control once and for all. Details to come on this but one way or another…. It will happen!


10) I am excited about the idea of eating green, eating raw, buying organic, slowing down the pace of life a bit and spending time making conscious food choices and creating meals.


In addition to all the health benefits of this process I am also really excited about meeting other people on this path as I can see that this adventure will lead me to the next and the next. I will keep you posted.


Here’s to 100, healthy and hot!



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