Front Row with Sheryl Crow


Last night I went looking for an adventure and I found it. 


My dear friend Sheri decided to have a birthday celebration for herself ( happy bday Sheri) and the rest of us, whether we were celebrating this week or just sometime in the past year.  There were 5 of us and the evening started with dinner and wine at Sheri’s downtown condo and then took a casual walk down to the river front venue where we had tickets to see Sheryl Crow.


As I set out for the evening I created the intention of play and delight. After a day that involved some fear, some hormonal upsets and a couple tears, I was ready to really enjoy my evening.  As we entered the concert area we were immediately embraced by friends. It seems my girlfriends knew half the place so it was fun to see the excitement of unexpected meetings of old friends and acquaintances.  For me, I just took it all in.  I love the lightness in the air, the mill of the crowd as the opening act crooned in the outdoor venue. 


As I looked around at the people I was truly impacted by their beauty.  Everyone looked totally beautiful to me and I thought that I really must get out to do this more often. We grabbed our drinks and headed to our seats in the stands for the main act.  We had opted for bleacher seats so we did not have to try to peak through heads on the floor. 


Suddenly, a woman grabbed us, asked us how many of us there were.  She then said she had tickets for us but we could only have them on two conditions.


1) we had to stand for the concert

2) we had to stay to the end done and done! 


So we gave our new tickets to the usher who promptly escorted us up to the FRONT ROW CENTER STAGE where there were exactly five seats waiting for us.


What a night!! We danced, we sang our hearts out and I had tears running down my face for the first hour of the show.  Some of my earlier discomfort and fear was around performance and judgment.  It seems every time I take on a new adventure I get to fight through some concerns around self worth and approval ( yech!  Looking forward to kicking that habit!) and when I saw Sheryl singing her heart out, I thought… Sheryl has no room to wonder what we are thinking… her job is to sing and give us everything she has and each of us will take away what we take away. 


I was moved by her passion and her commitment to her craft and everyone in our group was completely inspired just to watch her. 


Thank you Sheryl. So this delightful turn of events is just one of many, it has become a very common occurrence for those close to me to be the person pulled on stage at a live event, escorted back stage to meet the celebrities or winning the grand prize in the raffle.   Life with intention is a true blast and I am grateful for the gift the universe delivered yesterday.


Onward and upward!




  1. I’ve been especially fond of Sheryl since our older girl’s wedding a few years back. For the bride’s dance with her father, we played “Sweet Child” from Axel Rose, and the Sheryl Crow version of the same for the groom’s dance with his mom. Sheryl’s more ballsy than Axel, we decided.

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