Finding Balance..or is it “Balancing”?

So many adventures! So many Ideas brewing, stuff being created, life being lived!  I often think of writing, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, if I only had someone walking around where I could dictate and they could transcribe and record the beauty of a rainy day in the middle of summer, the joy of watching my plants grow and bloom or the humor and insight from an emergency trip to the office to bring my husband a pair of pants.  So much to share and I have not put writing at the front of my focus and so I will take some time to tell a little, share a little and express this morning.


For those of you who were interested and have asked me about my “body of a dancer” quest, I thank you for interest.  Causing the body of a dancer was a very interesting pastime for me as I was waiting for summer.  It gave me purpose and focus. It got me into my body and was a lovely distraction from my work.  And then something happened. Well, actually 2 somethings. 


1) summer came, life became easier in the sunshine and warmth which freed me up to walk and be outside more and revel in the beauty of it all making the body focus less of a necessity and


2) I realized that I had some work to do.


I am very focused on lifestyle.  I am waaaay interested in quality of life and have no interest in building a business at the expense of my joy, peace and happiness.  The challenge is that I was really enjoying my lifestyle, writing, focusing on my body, creating, but at the back of it I realized I was actually avoiding something kinda important….




Or let’s not call it selling, let’s just say I was not spending thought, time or energy putting my energy out into the world. And then I saw that…. And then I did something about it…. And the result has been tremendous. 


So here I am in this tremendous flow of abundance, taking all my action and then delivering on all the opportunity it presented and somewhere along the way, I lost my quality of life! Well, not lost it, it just kinda got absorbed into my work.  And you know the old saying, all work and no play makes coach joelle, a pain in the butt to live with! And so It was time again to look and reevaluate.  


My mom says that we should not be talking about  “balance”, it is “balancing” – a constant ongoing process, I think she has something there.


So I realized I needed to get more life into my life, but I also wanted to do it while honoring the systems and processes I put in place which were supporting results on the business end. Hmmmm.  Quite the inquiry! A couple of Fridays ago I met with my Cleveland Girl Power Mastermind group and I had a wonderful conversation that lead me to great clarity about the topic of life, leisure, creativity, professional integrity and financial prosperity.  What I realized was that work worked, as long as it was inside of “my fabulous life”.  If my life is inside my work then it can end up being really one dimensional, however if I have work as a key component inside of and in alignment with a delightful, beautiful, fun, joyful life, then work is just one more ride in the amusement park, executed with the same zeal as I would have for a trip to the spa or dinner with my husband. 


As it turns out, my husband and I have taken on our health and wellness together and I am deeply enjoying the process and excited about the results.  I have lived with this body long enough to know that when it is happy, life works out.  In the end I might just end up with the body of a dancer after all, along with a thriving business and a great life… who would have thunk!?


May you enjoy your own balancing process.


Happy Monday all!



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