Financial Freedom here I come!

YIPEEE!! Today is a great day!


I am hot on the path to financial freedom and I just had to share with you!  I made residual income!!! That’s right! Little old me, I did it!


I have heard so much about setting up passive streams of income to take you from trading time for money to being able to create sustainable wealth and now I am one of the special few! That’s right, I checked my account and I have made….. are you ready…… $1.13 in passive income!  This momentous occasion I can attribute to my sister buying my birthday present ( a delightful assortment of Lush products) from the website.  Thank you Squiffy!


Now when I say passive, yes it did take me 4 hours to create the page on my site and 2 hours to go through the vender approval process and figure out how to get the links on my site but still, look at that, I made $1.13 while I slept!


Financial freedom here I come! 🙂




  1. Hi love,
    I love your sense of humour. I also read the bossom buddies entry. I am glad that you are there with your friends. Enjoy this week!
    Love and hugs,

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