Feeling A Little Stressed? Take A 5-Minute Video Break for 5 Fun and Fast Tips For A Less Stressed You!

Hi guys,


Just in case you are one of those people who has stress in your lives (A.K.A. you are a human being)… here is a little something to help unload your work week pressures and get you chilled-out for a fabulous weekend.


STRESS, we all have it, it’s a part of life, however, I think it is fair to say that most of us:


a) Don’t fully realize what a real threat stress is to our health and happiness.

b) Don’t feel truly empowered to reduce the stress in our lives. 


Here is the deal. Prolonged, chronic stress is serious stuff.  It will make you sick and it feels crummy.  You know this.


The good new is that you have the power to make a significant and immediate impact on your stress levels with a little conscious INTENTION-setting and some focused ATTENTION to that amazing body of yours (watch the video – you will see what I mean.)


Why not take 5 minutes, right now, and bring a little more Zen to your busy day.  Join “That’s Life” host, Robin Swoboda, Dr. Michael McKee of the Cleveland Clinic, and I as we discuss how you can effectively manage your stress.


Ok, sit back….


Deeeeeeep Breath….


You are 5 minutes away from a less stressed you!


Let’s go!


Coach Joelle



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