What Will You Dare To Dream?

Welcome Dream Builders!

Writing a detailed vision of the life or business you wish to create is a powerful step in bringing your dreams into reality.  

The key is not just to write out your dream, but to write it as thought it has already happened.  When you can really see it, taste it, and feel the life you are creating, then my friends, it is already on its way to you!

This page is chalked full of examples of dreams that real people chose to build through their coaching experience. Let them instruct and inspire you as you build your own.





A dream of losing 20 lbs

I did it!  I met all of my goals – I practiced ‘clean’ eating, tried new healthful recipes, kept a detailed journal, was active 4 times per week and lost 20 lbs!  

It wasn’t always easy to fit everything in every day, but I learned so many new things in the program to stay positive, keep my focus on my goals and found the power that’s been hidden inside of myself to do these things – and even enjoy them!  After 60 days, I have discovered in myself will and determination I really didn’t believe I had.  

Now I believe!  I have conquered my fear and cannot go back to my former way of living.  At this rate, it won’t be long that I’ll be doing all of the things I haven’t been able to do (ride my bike, an all-morning hike, going to a movie at the Art Museum) in a while.  I feel strong, in control, happy and without self-doubt.  I look forward to my daily activity and find true enjoyment and satisfaction in preparing healthy meals (with lots of vegetables, even!).  

I feel like a new person who has unlimited options in front of her.  I’m no longer afraid of success – I look forward to the “new” me that is revealing herself.  I’m having a great time fitting into the ‘other half’ of the clothes in my closet and look forward to more shopping for smaller sizes!  2X, 1X, XL, L!!!! 


A dream of life-balance, confidence, peace of mind and a great business!

Wow, what a whirlwind.  I started out 60 days ago feeling apprehensive and a bit overwhelmed.  What a difference just 60 days can make!
It has taken a lot of discipline and some faith but I made it.  I’ve had to set aside more time to focus on managing my business but it has paid off.  I’m conscious of the details but I haven’t overanalyzed things.  It feels great to be in control, aware and on top of it all but not consumed by any of it.  

I feel so much more at peace and finally I feel like I can create some real balance in my life – taking some more time for me.  This is an exciting time for me – I feel more calm and yet more confident and capable at the same time.  I’m no longer in fear of just getting by.  I now know that I’ll be just fine…I can meet all of my financial needs and then some and things are running smoothly and relatively effortlessly.  And what’s really interesting is that my clients seem to be happier than ever with the bodywork they are receiving.  

I know that it is has to do with the fact that I’m not worrying about other things so I’m more focused on their health and well-being.  I have never been happier facilitating health opportunities and connecting with my clients. 

Not only will I continue to grow my business with the tools that I have gained, but now I feel like I have both time and money to learn some new modalities for my work and take some fun classes too ( like dancing!)  I’m beginning to pay down my debt, get caught up on my taxes and I’m putting together a savings plan.  I know that I will continue my business growth, but I’m also excited that I now have the tools to replicate this process in my home.  I have just begun but I can see that things are starting to transform – my home is becoming organized and it is everything that I have always visualized.  

I am so grateful that I decided to take on these past 60 days and make my life happen!  

A dream of being a successful sales person!

It is possible!  I have increased my sales revenue to $200,000.00.  WOW!! It is amazing the goals we can accomplish with having integrity, commitment, dedication and faith.  

Overcoming my insecurities and creating the possibility of being a successful sales person has been the most rewarding experience of all.  I am now confident and will not allow negative thoughts have control of what is to come in my future.  I CHOOSE TO SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!!

There are five months until the end of the year and I have made the choice that this will continue to be a year that has created many possibilities for my family and myself.  I did it!!!!!!!



A dream of ramping up the business!

It has been an exciting and very busy eight weeks! Empowering! I refined the financial aspect of my business plan and rearranged the back office to make it my very own with little or no distractions to remain focused.  

After placing an add on Craigs list and jobbing.com and a few wonderful interviews , I have found the perfect design assistant that is on the same page with my business and personal goals and realizes the huge opportunity for thier future as well!

We are now looking for a sharp detail oriented administrator and excited about our upcoming high-end residential projects in all areas of the country! I really disciplined myself to stick with my schedule as well as have some fun and enjoy the journey.  I scheduled time to follow up on business leads, from an existing list & contacts out there, as well as make new contacts through socializing and spending time with key people. My time has been focused, I review my plan and goals on a regular bases, it is in visual form – focusing on what I want, manifesting.  

What it has taken is my cutting out distracting activities and packed “busy lists” that keep me from staying on task.  With my plans and goals I am focusing on what is important to get where I am going.  What I especially had to give up is letting my schedule run me so that I can be empowered and confident to run the show. 

Knowing that I can. Knowing that I will. Having the life that I want – balanced, prosperous and Joyful!


A dream of a magical Life!

Life is really cool. I feel so peaceful and connected to all that is. I consistently am feeling that joy in my heart and I am living in faith and ease. 

I love the adventure in my life and I feel so alive.  I am loving my body!! I feel so hot!! My arms are toned and I love having a flat stomach! I love my long hair and I love how hot I look in a tank top and yoga pants with a little tummy showing ( oh and with my cool sunglasses on and  a big bag!) I have the body of a dancer and now all I have to do is wait for the tv offers to come rolling in. 

I already have 12,000 saved up for the new house – so cool and I am living in my living large zone with the money. I love know that I can have any amount of business I want and that I need never doubt my ability or my value and that I can make money in a moment’s notice if I ever feel a need for more. I love having everything I need and want, to do everything I need and want to do.

I am so enthralled by how everything is unfolding. I can hardly believe how magical life is!!

A dream of an award winning year!

I did it!  I achieved my goal of generating 1.5 million in sales with an average GP of 20% in 2006.  I have continued to meet my monthly sales objectives and I have added over $60,000 to my base income in only 1 year.  I have added a new found independence to my life without changing my accustomed lifestyle and I have done it myself. 

It was not an easy goal, it required much time and discipline.  I had to get out of my comfort zone and become a professional sales person. I have been very disciplined in meeting my commitments and my improved follow-up skills and personal time management have become a way of life. I know that moving forward I will continue to succeed at levels that I have never before experienced.  

As a reward for my hard work and commitment I have earned the opportunity to attend the Circle of Stars 2007.  It is something that I did on purpose – not by accident.

What a fantastic year.  I am giving my family an awesome gift with my continued financial and personal success.  I am a better person, friend and mother because I am at peace with myself, my job and my abilities.  I really did it!”