What Can Coaching Do For You?

An amazing thing happens when you commit to living the life you were born to live… LIFE GETS EXCITING! 

If you are ready to get focused on what is most important to you,  blow past your fear and uncertainty and get into action in the direction of your dreams like never before, then coaching is going to rock your world! 

But don't take my word for it. 

Read what other amazing men and women have created in their lives when they dug deep, connected to their own truth and got the support they needed to go for their heart's desires.





    Jen Meier picture Delighted Client

"I came to Joelle at a crossroads in my life both personally and professionally. Joelle's energy, enthusiasm, and the positive attitude she exuded was exactly what I needed to help me uncover my hidden talents and break down my barriers to living the life I wanted to live. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance in following his/her dreams or in simply wanting to explore opportunities."

Jen Meier, Owner, Skin in the Game LLC. Cleveland, Oh




“Joelle is someone who is beautiful, incredible, powerful, loving, and has a great sense of humor. She is a woman who dreams a big dream and creates a life that she loves. Working with Joelle has really given me the tools to own my power, to trust my intuition and to follow my dreams no matter what. She is someone who stands for every one in her life to have a life that they love.. I can say that if you are interested in having fun, living a life that rocks your world, and creating the most amazing adventures and having your dreams fulfilled. Coach Joelle is IT! She has the gift to inspire, to love, and to empower, and to be your partner in creating a miraculous life. I feel like anything is possible in my life when I am talking with her. Brilliant!!!”

Alexandra Jaye Johnson,  Chief Goddess, Co-creator Entheos Academy For Optimal Living, Ojai, CA 


amber photo 2

"The Make Your Life program is an absolute gift! I was feeling stuck and complacent in a few key areas in my life and after two months with Coach Joelle and this program I have seen major transformations and shifts in all of those areas. Joelle is both compassionate and inspiring…she is gentle when you hit those bumps, but keeps pushing you forward! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is not completely satisfied with all areas of their life and is open to having that change!"

Amber Aldrich, Co-creator of My Life!

Biz Profile Adrienne






“When I first reached out to Joelle, I was clearly suffering from inertia looking at the fork in the road of life ahead of me.  I desperately missed spending time with my kids.  My son was suffering from bullying at school, and my daughter was almost a stranger.  I couldn’t remember the last time my husband and I shared a good laugh.  Most of all, I was miserable at my job.  I was working crazy hours, traveling too much, and rewarded with the constant berating of a boss that managed by what I call the “You suck” philosophy.  Within 12 weeks of engaging Joelle, I quit my job and took the leap of faith.  My husband refocused his time to help me on the business.  2 months later, we had an entire year of income contracted.  By the next November, I was starting to believe this whole “I can design my own life thing”."  Read More Of Adrienne's Story Here…

Adrienne Gordon, President & Co-Founder Pricing Empowered LLC


fun joan in mustard Small

"I wholeheartedly believe I would not be where I am today without Joelle’s steadfast guidance over the years.  I could count on her constant belief in me when I couldn’t access it myself.  She never gave up on me and refused to let me give up on myself.  She gave me the security to be vulnerable and look into the dark crevices and know I would survive whatever was lurking there.  She gave me the strength and conviction to step into the flames of my life, shed the reptilian layers and rise as a Phoenix.  She has given me the greatest gift a person could receive – I am living my authentic life, on purpose, in my power and savoring each moment."  Read More About Joan's Adventure Here…

Joan Jakel, Chief Entrepreneurial Artist, Napa, CA


Anna Living The Dream In Hawaii

"There is a certain line in life that requires vision to recognize and courage to step across.  It may feel safe on one side of what if, but on the other is living deeply, by the heart's true intention. My work with Joelle took me across that line and I have never looked back." 

Read More About Anna's Journey Here…

Anna Honda, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Binnie K



”I am ready for change and I am looking for a way there.” This is one of the first notes I took on our consultation call. I had no idea that happiness, consciousness and simplicity were within my reach. I never thought that I could “be” that person – that person who lives in the present, without excessive rumination over what might happen tomorrow, next month and next year – but today I am her. Once I realized that I was living a complex life that didn’t suit my personality it opened me up to making new choices.  Instead of opening the door in the morning and seeing a world of challenges, today, I choose to live in a playground. What a shift I have made in such a short time! With your wise guidance and my newfound willingness to explore different ways of being and thinking, Ease and Joy have arrived and I never want them to leave again!”  

Binnie K, Social Media Manager


Kendall Embrescia Chief Creative Officer Squirt and Skootch

"I totally, completely and entirely love working with Joelle. What a sweet, rich and delicious treat. I not only enjoy and look forward to our calls, but I yearn for them. The tools, practices and exercises learned from Coach Joelle, provide me with the clarity, probing and discovery I need to consciously and mindfully make my life. She sanctions me to take the visions in my head and heart and design them into a satisfying reality and, being a natural jokester, Joelle makes it practical for me to take myself seriously in the areas of my life which are most important. I wholeheartedly look forward to our bi-weekly call. I hang up revved to continue the path of consciously creating a meaningful, soulful and thriving life. And, that’s empowering."

Kendall Embrescia, Chief Creative Officer, Squirt & Skootch 



"When I first spoke with Joelle, I instantly knew she was the Life Coach for me. She helped me kick start my journey that has transformed my life into one that I embrace and love. Joelle's thoughtful ability to listen, provide guidance, ask the tough questions, inspire, and celebrate my progress are not just skills of a well experienced and trained professional coach, but gifts of an insightful, reflective, and compassionate person. She is one of the most optimistic and positive people I have ever met in my life and it's this energy that has kept me excited and motivated to continue to pursue my life dreams."

Vanessa Toy, Entrepreneur, California









"I now know how to get rid of negative habits, face my fears and conquer them, change my thinking on any issue, and live life in the moment like never before. I now understand that the opportunities for my future are endless, and I can live a life without restrictions to wholeheartedly succeed and be happy."

Greg N., College Student


“We started only knowing we didn’t like where we were.  We didn’t know what we wanted or how to get there.  Working with Joelle individually and together, we shared a common experience, inspired one another, and developed a common language.  Joelle challenged us to think in new ways and supported us to create an inspired future we are now living every day.  We encourage couples to commit to group coaching with Joelle in order to engage individual challenges with support from each other.  Experiencing coaching together with Joelle will strengthen your relationship.”
Lynette and Eric, PA


"Joelle has been a true blessing in my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready take a serious look at their life and discover ways to make it the best experience ever! It is all possible and Joelle has a very powerful way of facilitating whatever it is you wish to accomplish."

Janee Kuta-Iliano, Cleveland, Oh


“Childhood trauma’s continued to hold me back from the life I wanted to create, and Joelle instinctively knew something was in the way. She attacked those demons from her safe, loving place, and in one hour broke through what 100 hours of therapy could not touch. Coach Joelle has provided Intelligent Inspiration and grounded tools for success since day one.  She is a real sweetheart, but there is no sugar-coating the truth with her. If you truly want to begin to consciously create your life, JOIN. LISTEN. DO THE WORK. And watch as new doors open and old blocks disappear.”

Katrina, Executive Recruiter Scottsdale, AZ


"Joelle's coaching touched, improved, and inspired every aspect of my life! From easing the transition of moving to a new town, getting settled, and starting my own design business –  to clarifying my visions for a wonderful future – what could have been a potential disaster instead was turned into "perpetual bliss".
I truly feel as if I've had a life makeover. I'm more confident, calm, and balanced on a daily basis and this has, in turn, profoundly affected my personal life, as well as my business dealings in positive, far-reaching ways. Thank you Joelle!!!"

Eva Pederson, Graphic Designer


"Selina was doing what she always thought she wanted to do, routinely going about her days, content with working in social services and satisfied in knowing that she had a comfortable life.  Then Selina began to dream… and as she began to dream she discovered that she wanted more than simply going through the motions and gaining a paycheck -she discovered what it meant to truly live.    After taking some HUGE leaps of faith and trusting her intuition, moving towards what “feels right and true”, Selina transformed her life completely into an amazing adventure where her childhood dreams of writing and art combined with her true desires of health and wellness coaching.  Selina’s awesome new life is not only exciting to her, but it has unleashed a deep satisfaction that she always felt she deserved, the satisfaction that she would one day become….herself."

Selina M. Rivera,  Wellness Coach


"Joelle Prochera is a light in the darkest of times. She has helped me see past my self-imposed limitations and helped me to take action. Joelle will also be one of the first people you'll want to call when things start going right because she is just as great at rejoicing with you. I love her and I know you will too."

Tonetta Weaver, Actress Dallas, TX



"Coach Joelle has the innate ability to take a problem or situation and get to the bottom of what's really happening at warp speed. Joelle is the fastest way I know of to blast through it and get to the good stuff! I leave our conversations energized, confident and inspired. I highly recommend her to entrepreneurs, executives and individuals who are up to great things in their lives."

Leslie Carruthers, President The Search Guru, Inc. Cleveland, OH www.thesearchguru.com


Penny Lumley LifeMaking Rockstar (604x453)

"In working with Coach Joelle I've learned to open my eyes and heart to all of the possibilities that are out there in the world for me.  I've experience firsthand that there are so many amazing, wonderful things available if I just open myself to them.  Each day I understand more and more that literally, ANYTHING I want to do, be or achieve is within my reach.  I get to choose to make it happen.  I've gone down an amazing path this year and I know it's only the beginning!!!"

Penny Lumley, Vice President – Compliance Consultant Phoenix, AZ


"Joelle has given me the tools to conquer the challenges that come my way not only in my career but also in my personal life.  She inspires me and keeps me believing in myself.  It is amazing – within three months of coaching I doubled my business and was able to buy my first house the next year.  Joelle has taken me to the next level in my life, and with her coaching you can too.  It was the best thing I did for my life."

Shasta Richard, American Board Certified Colorist Boulder, CO www.shastastyles.com







"When I started coaching my initial intentions were a dramatic career change and a physical move.  Each week I made a commitment to small actions and opened myself up to new experiences and options in doing so. At first, it was small wins that I saw in my life: I had magical moments with my daughter, I connected with my husband more deeply, I started to enjoy and appreciate my commute. And then, whammo! My life changed so dramatically and amazingly, I keep pinching myself to remind me it is real!"  

Joanne, Atlanta, GA


"The difference between “being alive” and “living” has become so clear!No longer is my focus constrained by a person’s (or society’s) vision of who I “should be,” but rather, who I “aspire” to be — And thanks to Coach Joelle, I now have the desire to find out.  She has guided me through the creation – and realization – of the life I had once believed only existed in my dreams."

Karen Strejnowski, Cleveland, OH


"Working with Coach Joelle has enabled me to make my dream life.  I have more energy, more enthusiasm and more zest!"

Nancy Cruikshank, Sales Associate Phoenix, AZ

Shawn Sims Bradford

"Joelle, I will recommend you to everyone I know because of your patience, skill and willingness to help each person you work with achieve their goals.  Today, my sister and I have a better relationship because of you. I would recommend Joelle to anyone who is trying to tackle a situation and take their personal relationships, career, and life to the next level."

Shawn Bradford, Phoenix, AZ


"I admire the life Joelle has created for herself and am thankful that she feels passionately about helping others experience the joy of life that she has discovered. As a coach, she is highly creative, thoughtful, intuitive and sometimes a bit zany while still being professional and committed to her clients’ success. I have her to thank for the renewed belief in myself and for helping me discover how high a goal I can attain when I follow my passion."

Deanna Lawrence, Entrepreneur Phoenix, AZ

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