Creative Bill Paying Solutions in Challenging Economic Times

Hi gang!


Are any of you having some challenges paying your bills? 


When it comes to these interesting economic times it can seem tempting to just leave the mail in a drawer and pretend that that stack of invoices does not exist.  In Harv Eckar’s Millionaire Mind Intensive, they labeled this behavior the M.O. of the “Avoider” (one of several Money personalities to which we were introduced.) In Marianne Williamson’s "A Return to Love" she says that when it comes to bill paying, you want to honor the people who have provided services to you by paying your bills, in any way you can, even if it is through a series of very small amounts.  She says that “the universe does not support” this “avoidant” behavior so if you want to be in the flow you have to pay up!


Well, I am not sure what Marianne or Harv would say about the behavior of this particular fellow.  It seems that in the absence of sufficient money to pay his bill he offered an alternative form of payment;   a drawing in fact, of a stick figure spider.  The unfolding of events are humorous to say the least and while I sincerely hope I never have to try and get paid by this guy, you have to give him points for creativity.


Follow this link to see the entire correspondence chain and enjoy a good chuckle.





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