Confessions of a Life Coach



That’s right! Body of a dancer?  More like body of an easter cream egg! LOL 🙂 R


ecently I declared that I was taking on creating the body of a dancer and I even went so far as to list all of the actions I believed it was going to take in a previous blog. …..But then it snowed and I sure don’t like to go out in the snow. 


And then the Easter basket from my mom came. I mean, come on, Easter only comes once a year!  And then next thing you know I am drinking caffeinated coffee and scarfing down coconut Hershey kisses at my husband’s office.  BAD COACH!!


But wait… THERE’S MORE!


I even had a conversation with my beloved friend Alexandra on Friday and I made a new commitment – “ I coach Joelle will record the results of my daily commitment on my blog, starting tomorrow.”  That was Friday, yesterday (Monday) Alexandra called to check in on me – was something wrong with her internet or was I just not blogging!.  Lol!


We all have a million reasons not to do all the things we need to do to have what we want in life.  But then, we just get our reasons and we miss out on our life.  So I am committing, once again to recording my practices on the path to having the body  of a dancer in this blog.  I will record, successes, activity, and any break in my commitment (eg. “Ate 5 Easter cream eggs today” – would be a break in my commitment).


I invite you that if you have any feedback or suggestions that might support me, or adjust my action or understanding on the way to “the body of a dancer”. I invite you to comment away. Thank you for your love and support. 


Here’s to feeling like 1,000,000 bucks!






p.s. Today I start Pilates. More details from the day to come!

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