Color Your World!

Color color everywhere and it has everything to do with your quality of life! 


It is difficult to deny the importance of color, whether we are talking about your favorite tie or blouse, the paint you choose for your office or the landscaping you create for your home.  But did you know that there might actually be something behind why you chose your favorite color or that sudden urge to get out to the green of nature?


I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Marlene Mitchell, Director of the International-Certified Aromatherapy Institute.  Marlene is a delight to speak with and an incredible resource on a number of things including something called color therapy. As it turns out, color works on us in some subtle and not so subtle ways and like so many other things, it can be used as a tool to create your life.


The principles behind color therapy explain why I could not pull myself away from the amazing pinky violet hues of the Cleveland spring which ultimately translated in the Gerbera daisy that has become synonymous with Coach Joelle. It even explains why my friend Kristen is in a stage of creativity, energy and reveling in life and all she wants to wear is orange!


In Today’s article Marlene shares the importance of color and provides a new world of color awareness for you to use in everything from shifting your mood to increasing your metabolism. 



Our surroundings have a strong affect upon us. They can slow us down, speed us up, make us feel happy or create gloom and melancholy. Our surroundings are color. Color is life.

For instance, the reason why color affects us so, is that it vibrates at certain frequencies in its many tints and hues, so as to work on our nervous system and works with our chemistry and emotions.

Yellow can make you feel jumpy, spontaneous, optimistic or high spirited. Blue may calm you down, get you flowing and feeling confident. Red could activate you to get up and at something, give the urge with a need for achievement, help you to be vital and forceful. Brown might root you, make you feel at home, comfortable and secure. Black could intimidate you, try to overpower you and you might experience or exude a sense of mystery and intrigue. Green no doubt will balance you, gives you a feeling of coordination and that everything is just as it should be. Purple or violetwill tend to have a sleepy or dreamy effect on you, putting you in another world reality of either magic or beauty. They also give you a feeling of worthiness. White shocks into wakefulness and alertness. It engenders honesty and clarity. It demands a lot of you. Orange is your color of sociability. It will get you chatting, eating or just moving about with enthusiasm.

Many restaurants that want a quick turn over of business have an orange decor. It speeds up the digestive metabolism so you will want to eat more. It also gives you that sense of sociability and helps loosen your inhibitions.

But you will likely not linger there. Orange is just too pushy and stimulating to let you be static for too long. The blue restaurant decor has a more comfortable atmosphere. You will likely want to linger and sip the best wine in the house. Blue tastes happen to be expensive.

So if you are looking for a quiet place to relax, you likely don't choose one of the earth vibrations of red, yellow or orange. You might choose a blue, green or pastel.

In color therapy lights are used on the body to achieve the same above effects. Blue calms, red stimulates, orange activates metabolism, yellow stimulates the digestive system for better assimilation and elimination, purple soothes anxieties and green heals and balances.

But you don't have to shine a light on yourself to experience color therapy. Everytime you have on an article of clothing that is in harmony with your vibrations, you are strengthening your 'aura' and adding to your energy supply or just getting that energy flowing. Or maybe you are activating it to help you work out some negative feeling or toxic material. (Colored clothing will do the former more dramatically than the latter. Lights work on the physical more quickly than pigment colors.)

And then again, in clothing, some colors are supportive to us, others negative and others, as suggested above, help us to 'work things out'. You will know intuitively just what is happening to you color-wise if you stop a minute before you put on your clothing and tune in to how a certain color is going to make you feel that day. You will likely be right most of the time.

And what is really interesting, you may find you can wear a certain color of clothing, but you cannot sustain the vibration of that color in your environment. Purple may feel great with a piece of clothing on, but purple decor may be hostile to your present state. And so it is with all the colors. Often enough, though the same color you wear and the same color you decorate with is compatible to you.

The invitation:
Ask yourself, “how can I begin to use color with intention”?   Bring green into a room which you have selected for balance and relaxation or infuse your office with red to energize and inspire you for the day.  How could you use color to grab the energy when you need it or access serenity at a moment’s notice. Whether it is through wardrobe, creating your space or lighting you are invited to look at color with new eyes and begin to purposefully use it to make your life.


Marlene Mitchell is a Certified Aromatherapy Teacher and the Director of International-Certified Aromatherapy Institute which has been in existence for over 10 years. She graduated from a highly reputable colour therapy Institute where she became certified in colour therapy, colour psychology, crystals and gemstones and vibrational healing. Marlene is currently teaching Complimentary Therapy workshops in her Aromatherapy School as well at the Ottawa/Carleton School Board in Ottawa, Ontario as well as St. Lawrence College in Brockville and Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada.  Marlene has done this for over 10 years.  Marlene also teaches General Interest workshops online for Ontario Learn. is a consortium of 22 Ontario Community Colleges who have partnered to develop and deliver on-line courses.  Through this she teaches courses on Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Color Psychology, Crystals, Gemstones, Vibrational Healing, Flower Essences, Subtle Aromatherapy.



  1. Hey Coach Joelle!

    Me and my orange clothes and accessories thank you for the mention!

    Thanks for helping people acknowledge how important color is in their own lives.

    How funny – today I came up with a program title/article title:

    Black is the New Blah: Awaken your wardrobe with color

    Our minds must have been in the same place…

    Merci, merci!


  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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