Coach Joelle Interviews Liz Harvey CEO of Island Windjammers

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If you have ever had a knowing that you have more to give, more to create, more adventures to embark upon… if you have ever had a wondering about what was possible beyond the routine of your day to day… if you have ever taken a quiet moment to ask “what’s next”, I want you to hear the story of Liz Harvey.


Who is Liz Harvey?  Well, she’s the proud mother of 3, an operating room nurse and the CEO of Island Windjammers , the Caribbean’s newest tall-ship sailing company!


It you were to ask Liz two years ago if she had any aspirations to be a CEO, her answer would have been an emphatic “NO!” And if you would have asked her if she would ever be the CEO of a Cruise company, knowing Liz, she likely would have fallen down laughing.  She would have told you that, while she loved her work and had a great life, she also felt she had more room to contribute and she was ready for a new adventure even though she wasn’t sure what that adventure would be.


Well, as many of you know, the universe will not tolerate a void for long.  And those of you who know such things will find it no surprise that life delivered her adventure in the most fascinating and unexpected ways.


Liz’s journey from operating room nurse to Tall-Ship Cruise Company CEO is one that will delight and inspire anyone who is wondering what’s next in your own life adventure.  Enjoy this Life Makers MasterMind Interview as Liz shares her story of how a sailing vacation, a kind gesture and a “never say die” attitude landed her in the top spot at Island Windjammers.



Listen to the interview with Liz Harvey of Island Windjammers now!




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  1. What an awesome and inspiring interview!

  2. Gigi!  I am so glad you enjoyed it.  Liz's story is a wonderful example of how, when we open our minds to what's next, "what's next"  has a way of finding us.  May this interview support you in creating a life you love.


    XOX Joelle

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