Boston was Revolting!


That’s right, around 1773 a group of American colonists protested against the British government by throwing a bunch of tea into the Boston harbor, which is said to have sparked the American Revolution and this weekend I got to participate in its re-enactment (A.K.A. the Boston Tea Party) aboard a tall sailing ship in Boston!


As it turns out our leader was a energized young woman in colonial wear, pretending to be Samuel Adams (as her male counter part was on his first day of the job.)


Shortly after we set sail the fun began as she walked us through the details leading up to the historic event (which is all very helpful since I will likely have to know all this stuff when I am eligible for my US citizenship sometime in 2010.)  Of course my husband Jeff and I were well versed in the evils of the East India Trading company (we watch Pirates of the Caribbean – we know all about it!) and as we went through the democratic process of proposing action and then voting with a “Hear Hear” for yes and an angry “FIE” for no, the clear choice was to throw the tea into the harbor (though I do think that my solution of brewing it and adding rum was quite innovative.)


Other than feeling the wind in the sails and enjoying the perfect day on the water, I think my favorite part of the event was watching our Sam Adams do her thing.  She reminded me a lot of myself back when I was growing up, singing and acting.  I loved her energy, her fearless capacity to be utterly silly, giving everything she had to her role and her duty of entertaining our motley crew.


The delights of Boston were far beyond anything I had imagined but the revolting part was a definite highlight!


Lovin’ Liberty!



Coach Joelle


  1. Hey there! How cool that you’ve just been on a tall ship – the Tall Ships Festival is in Victoria this weekend, and our inner harbour will be full of them. It’s really something to see!

    Big hugs to ya…

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