Bosom Friends

Coming from Canada I grew up on the tale of Anne of Green Gables (If you are unfamiliar with the feisty red-haired orphan who wins the hearts of an east coast community, I invite you to give it a read or pass it onto your teenage girls). One of the most remarkable parts of the story is the friendship between Anne and what she calls her bosom friend, Diana (I remember as kids we would giggle at the word bosom :-)).   A bosom friend is a friend you hold close to you, a friend that touches your very soul.  I am grateful to say I have a handful of these bosom friends and today I am very present to their impact on my life.


I am in Arizona this week. I lived in Arizona for 7 years and over those years I really became the woman I am today; someone I really like and that I am proud to be, and the people I collected in my life over those years are a reflection of that woman. In January I moved to Cleveland to live with my new husband and over these past months my focus has been creating my home there and building my business.  Seeking new friends has not been a priority.  I have been on the phone with my bosom friends in weekly scheduled conversations to keep the love and support in our lives but I tell you, it is something different to be here with them, sharing space and spending time face to face. 


I am only one day into my trip to Arizona and I am already so much more grounded, and peaceful and the world is open to possibility.  I attribute this to a power that my bosom friends hold.  This power is – being with them, reminds me of who I am.  My bosom friends love me and they see who I am in the world when my own clouded mind is shrouded in fear and doubt. My bosom friends have unwavering faith in me, are always quick with a hug, and would fly half way around the world in a moment of need.  My bosom friends are so beautiful and so powerful and it is wonderful to stand beside them on their path, holding the mirror up to them and showing them their brilliance when they are feeling weak and tired of this journey.


Thank you God for my friends, for their love, and for the opportunity to know each of them – I would not be half of who I am without them. I invite you to take a moment and tell your bosom friends what they mean to you.  Give them a call and let them know the impact they have on your life. Pick up the phone right now and tell someone you love them. BIG HUGS to all my bosom friends!


To the love of friends,



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